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Upgrade Bathroom Countertops

There are many types of bathroom improvement project. A simple bathroom project which can add new and fresh touch to your bathroom is upgrade bathroom countertops project. Your upgraded bathroom countertop can be used as the focal point in your bathroom. There are some options which you can have when you are planning to upgrade bathroom countertops. You might want to hire professional service from home contractor. If you are familiar with DIY job and only have limited budget for home improvement project, you can upgrade the countertop by your own.

Steps tp Upgrade Bathroom Countertops
Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Steps

There are some items which you need to prepare when you are planning to upgrade bathroom countertops. These are including wrench, vibrating sander, tape measure, carpenter’s square, trim tiles, standard tiles, thin set or mortar, notched trowel, tile cutter, tile spacers, tile nippers (handheld), grout, grout float, sponge, and caulk. The first thing to do is turning off the water system under the sink. Move to loosen the two water lines which go to the faucet. Use wrench to complete this task. After that, you can lift the sink from the vanity and set it aside.

Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Tips
How to Upgrade Bathroom Countertops

Next, you should use vibrating sander to dull the counter’s surface. The process has the purpose to get the surface of the countertop flat and smooth. If you have done, you can wipe the dust off. After that, you should measure the length of the vanity surface. Create the mark in the middle part. You need to draw a line front to back at the middle part. You can use pencil and carpenter’s square in performing this task. Step to upgrade bathroom countertops requires you spreading thinset mortar over the whole counter by using notched trowel. You need to press the trim tiles along the front edge. Do this task with the finished edge facing forward. You can start the task from the line of the tiles in the middle part of the front before building out toward the sides.

Ideas for Upgrade Bathroom Countertops
Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Ideas

The next step to upgrade bathroom countertops is laying a row of standard tiles behind the trim tiles area. You need to lay the tiles beginning at the center line. It is important for you to put spacers between the tiles when you are installing them. Home owners need to cut the tiles at the ends of the countertop according to requirements. You should repeat the process and work all the way over the surface. You might need to break the tile off to small pieces. It is done to make the tiles fitting around the hole for sink. You can use the tile nippers to break the tiles. You might notice that cuts around the sink jagged and uneven. However, you do not need to worry since it will be hidden by the rim of the sink during reinstallation.

Reviews to Upgrade Bathroom Countertops
Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Reviewing

When you upgrade bathroom countertops, you need to let the thinset to get dry. Commonly, thinset will dry after 12 hours. After it is completely dry, you need to remove the spacers. Make sure you spread the grout across the tiles. Use grout float to spread the grout. You need to force it into the gaps. If there is any excess grout, you can use the sponge to wipe it. Let it dry for 24 hours.

Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Info
Upgrade Bathroom Countertops Information

The last step in upgrade bathroom countertops is putting the sink back in. You can reconnect the water lines before setting the rim over the cut edges of tile. Apply the caulk on the perimeter of the sink where it meets the tile.

Easy Upgrade Bathroom Countertops
Simple Upgrade Bathroom Countertops