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The Combination of Different Color of House Paint

The Combination of Different Color of House Paint

The color of your house is not merely the decoration to make the house looks better. But it also has the more important function as it will affect your psychological side to more spirit and energized in doing you activity if you have the right color for the house. The combination of the different color of house paint is the best thing for the house that you can give. You will not be able to pick the color just because you think you like it or because the price is cheaper, but there are some guidelines on the combination that you should always follow for this job.

Usually, the people who want to have the nice combination of different color of house paint in their house should know the surrounding area of their house first. This is needed in order to make it possible for them to pick the basic color for their house. For instance, the house in the middle of the green area will be suitable to pick the base color that have the contras with the green, such as the earthy brown or the clear white.

The Combination of Different Color of House Paint

And after defining the basic color for the house, which will dominate the whole color of the house, the home owner should also be able to pick the complementary colors to make the house more classy and gorgeous. Mainly, there are two kinds of the complimentary color; they are the secondary and the tertiary colors. The choosing for this thing can be cone based on the trend that is happening in the current time and the usage of the color wheel and color charts.

The Ideas for the Different Color of House Paint

Picking the different color of house paint should also be based on the purpose of the room that you are painting in the house. For example, the color combination for the adult bedroom should be different with the ones that you are using for the kids bedroom. Not only that it will make the house more vivid, but it will also affect the way the owner of the room to love their place even more.

For the adult bedroom, the recommended combination of different color of house paint should involve the warmer colors as the main color. This will include the teal or the dark brown as the basic because they will make the room more intimate and romantic. But if you like the room to be more cheerful, you can also pick the beige or the sand color as the basic color, especially for the room with the small amount of natural light.

The Combination of Different Color of House Paint

Meanwhile, the different color of house paint for the children’s rooms should be done with the brighter color, such as pink for the girls and light blue for the boys. You should also add the other decorations for the painting job, such as making the polka dots coloring of the walls or the other pictures to complete the whole childish condition of their room.

Tips For Learning About Painting The Modern Textured Canvas

Canvas Painting Techniques - How To Information
Canvas Painting Techniques – How To Information

Painters like Monet and Van Gogh are popular for their modern textured canvas paintings. The thick layers of paint in different ways should be applied by them to create the texture. They call this technique is impasto and an extra dimension to a canvas painting can be given. The traditional medium that should be used for the impasto technique is the oil paint, because it cans dries slowly and the thick layering can be allowed. Impasto painting technique can also be done by using the modern day acrylic and that is the good medium for beginners, because it base from the water and simple to work with.

10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners
10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

If you have a plan to paint the modern textured canvas and know more about it before you run that work, the tips below can be followed to complete or even realize your plan. So, let’s check this out!


  • A medium should be mixed with your paint, so thicker of it can be made. Several kinds can be found at your local art store. a sandy, lumpy and chunky consistency for even more texture will be created by some mediums. The paint may not only be thickened by these mediums, but the paint going further can also be made.
  • And then, try to look a flat bristle brush; a textured background layer of paint can be created by choosing it. a background color should be chosen and the paint freely can be applied, cross hatch strokes can be used for it. The first layer should be left to go dry and more layers of paint should be applied while the gaps should be left, so the lower layers can be allowed to show.
  • After that, look at the palette knife, it can be used, so take it and then for painting, the flat of the knife can be used for, and then the paint can thickly be spread onto the canvas like butter.
  • And then, some find sand, sawdust or even pine needles should be mixed with the paint, so a very grainy texture can be created.
  • The thick layers of paint should be applied and a crinkled plastic bag or piece of foil should be pressed against it, so the different textures can be created. And then to create a finer texture, the sponge can be chosen to use.
  • And the next step you have to know is the flat part of the brush should thickly be covered and it should be dabbed onto the canvas. This technique should be varied with the flowing strokes.
  • Try to look the tip of the palette knife or the back end of a brush or pencil, scratching in the wet and the sharp edges can be created to the texture y using them.
How to Create an Abstract Painting
How to Create an Abstract Painting

You can use your creativity very much for doing this work to get the best result, the instruction steps above can help you to complete your work for painting the modern textured canvas.

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