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Tips For Painting An Oil Painting: Rain Scene

To create a scene is rainy; you can find many ways that can help you for it. The actually rain should not be painted to make the rainy scene on the canvas, but the status of the weather should be indicated and the appropriate colors can be used for it and you can use the figures that are holding the appropriate accessories for rain that might be painted. The oil paint makes some of these task become simpler, because it will dry slowly and simple to mix on the canvas. A feeling of wetness can be made becomes really in the image by dribbling and blending the colors and the image of rain can be reinforced.

How to Paint Rain Using Oil Painting - Painting Like Pro
How to Paint Rain Using Oil Painting – Painting Like Pro

If you want and need more tips for painting an oil painting to create a rain scene, the instruction steps below can be followed to complete or even realize your plan. So, let’s check this out!

How to Paint an Oil Painting Rain Scene
How to Paint an Oil Painting Rain Scene
  • The colors that are indicative of gloom should be chosen. This type of painting can be matched as well by using the neutral colors like gray or cool colors like blue. All color that you are applying to the painting can be mixed with gray, so the atmosphere of the piece can be built.


  • The sky can be painted in a way that the weather is appropriate for rain with the dark and heavy clouds should be indicated. The oil paint can be easy to blend, because it wills dry slowly, so the little effort should be taken when painting the heavy and dark clouds. The paint should be lay downed onto canvas and then the colors should be blended together and a dry paintbrush can be chosen for it. The darkest will be seen at the bottom of the clouds and the lightest of clouds will be seen near the top.


  • The colors on the surfaces that have puddles of rain water, definitely on the pavement can be reflected by the paint. A liquid or runny appearance should be included in the reflections, in long uneven stripes down the canvas will be appeared by the most reflections. The colors can be chosen from everywhere on the painting and they should be dabbed on the reflecting surfaces. The actual drips of paint thinned with turpentine may be used, so the canvas can be dribbled and the runny quality of these reflections can be reinforced.


  • The figures holding umbrellas or newspaper can be painted over their heads, shoulders should be hunched and maybe go away from the rain. You have to use the wipers and headlights on for painting the cars.


  • And then the rain should be painted on the canvas. You should spread the rain on the canvas in a way that is even and have to be balance, so there is no quadrant of the painting has noticeably more rain than another quadrant. Try to look a small detail brush, take it for doing this.
Catherine Jeffrey Painting in the Rain
Catherine Jeffrey Painting in the Rain