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Kids Tile Pictures

Parents who have children with art talents should encourage their children to create beautiful and artistic artwork. It is one of the best things for parents to frame their children’s beautiful artwork. In this present day, you are able to ask your children to create beautiful artwork on tiles. This artwork is known as kids tile pictures. There are many benefits which you can get from kids tile pictures. You are able to give opportunity for your children to create beautiful artwork but also display it permanently at your home as the part of backsplash, plate holder, or cold beverage coasters on end tables and night stands.

Top Kids Tile Pictures
Best Kids Tile Pictures

Before starting the process to make kids tile pictures, there are some things which you should prepare. These items are including porous tile, soft sponge, baking sheet, newspaper, rubbing tool, paint sponge, golden heavy matter gel or another acrylic gel, golden matte medium or another acrylic medium, and laser copy of artwork. It is important for you to prepare all items first.

Make Kids Tile Pictures
How to Make Kids Tile Pictures

Choose the tile and wash it. You should choose porous tile rather than slick or glazed tile since porous tile is able to adhere the image better. If you want to get smooth result for the artwork, you should go with porous tile. After getting the right porous tile for your home, you need to size the artwork so it can fit well on the tile and the image can be reserved. Determine the right direction for placing the artwork. This is important so you can have the space to write your children’s name and your children can create good kids tile pictures.

Good Kids Tile Pictures
Nice Kids Tile Pictures

Next, you need to apply golden matte medium or another acrylic medium to the side and top part of the tile. Allow it to dry for about fifteen minutes before you can trim the image. By doing this, you can hang the image over the tile on all sides by ¼ inch. After completing this step, you need to apply a thick layer of golden gel or similar acrylic gel to the right side of the copy. Place the dry tile onto the wet artwork before pressing it. You need to press it so the images can be adhered and the tile can be flipped.

Cute Kids Tile Pictures
Amazing Kids Tile Pictures

Use smooth rubbing tool to press the artwork. It is important so the art can be adhered to the tile. This process also has the function to remove air bubbles or wrinkled. You can put the tile on newspaper-lined baking sheet and bake it in 200-degree over. The process will bond the image to the tile. You can remove the tile after fifteen minute. Make sure you allow it to cool down for at least twenty minutes.

Hang Kids Tile Pictures
Place Kids Tile Pictures

Take the sponge and wet it before rubbing it in small circles on the artwork side. Do it gently. After that, you can remove the paper. When you are removing the paper, you should not scratch it off. You can leave it to dry completely before applying two more coats of golden medium or another acrylic matte medium. If you have completed all process, you will get kids tile pictures which are waterproof.

Displayed Kids Tile Pictures
Display Kids Tile Pictures