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How to Improve Your Home Photography

How to improve your home photography
How to improve your home photography

For most people think that photography is one of those fine art forms that easy to do, but they never realize that how difficult it can be until they give it try. Having a great equipment doesn’t mean you make a difference in resulting unless you know how to use it. There is a few common errors among novice photographers, but you don’t have to worry about, check them below for the tips on how to improve your home photography.

1. Focus and Exposure

It is important to make sure to avoid over-or under-exposing a photo when you start to choose an exposure. Execute and grasp is the difficult concept when you are in the depth of field. Preview function can be useful when you try understanding what depth of field is. Having great piece of equipment is important no matter how good you are, because the better the shoot is achievable with the better of the lens. For beginners photographers, using a tripod and set the lens of your cameras for beginners somewhere in the middle if you want to emphasize depth of field.

The basically, depth of field is in focus in a given image from front to back. The amount of light gives a lot of influences in the exposure. You can try to have as much as possible to find the best shot takes a lot of experience and there really are no fast rules for you.

2. Lighting

Tips for Making Home Interiors Photography
Tips for Making Home Interiors Photography

West side in the afternoon and east side in the morning is the best times to shoot an interior, even an exterior. Whenever the light is bright, the south and north sides can be shot. The areas that are too bright or too dark should be tried to limit to expose for you lighting. Adding the light to the dark areas might be needed and for some bright areas can be pulled the drapes in, or you can wait around until the light come in that room.

Shoot at dusk can make softens the exterior. It makes more flattering. The ideal time to shoot an interior or exterior is early evening or late afternoon. If you are shooting an area with porch lights or other outdoor lighting, after sunset is the best for an exterior.

To capture good interiors, dusk is always a great time, as you can easily balance the interior and exterior light level. The weather is also important as much as the light when shooting exteriors. The light is very flat, if there is no sun.

3. Composition and Framing

Tight frames and wide frames, works well for interiors. Studying the photos you like is recommended and then trying to recreate them. Keep things straight up and down will be best instead move the whole camera higher or lower to get what you want.

Take more than you normally would be best if you really want to have a wide selection of shots. There are a lot to choose from with all those experiment with all sorts of angles. Deciding whether or not to include people or animals when you are shooting an interior is usually depending on the client want. Not shooting them straight on is better look if you choose to include people in your season.

4. Staging

If you like what is in and out of the frame, you need to take a look at the compositions of each spot. Where or how things are placed with frame should be considered. Work with one color direction when staging is the best to do, to add richness and depth, layer that color throughout the photo will be helpful. When you do staging, the simpler is better, since a lot of photographers do.

So, you will never know how easy or difficult to improve your home photography if you don’t give a try. It’s time to start with your Nikon D3100 VS D5100, have a great day to take a picture.