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The Idea Of Green Architecture

In this modern era, the issue of global warming is pretty dangerous for the health of our earth. There have been a lot of people who caused many troubles and damages that can shorten the life of our earth. Under this concern, there are also a lot of people who have created products that will not negatively affect the health and life of our earth in return. Some architects also founded the idea of green architecture as an action to prevent the global warming damage to widen. Do you want to know the characteristics of green architecture and also its feature? Read further to know about this architecture type further.


Green Architecture Ideas for Green Building
Green Architecture Ideas for Green Building

The importance of green architecture is to safe our earth from negative impact of building a house. According to the author of the New Ecological Home book, Daniel D. Chiras, woods consumptions in this world are mostly used for building houses. He even stated that more than eighty percent houses in United States need woods. Under this circumstance, it is definitely not wise to support it by building house that needs a lot of woods for their frames. Hence, the green architecture idea was founded n order to suppress this rapid rise of wood consumption for building homes. Those architects want to show to the society that they can have an architectural design that can meet humans need without causing too much impact to our environment. They highly believe that the idea of green architecture can significantly contribute to prevent global warming.

Green Architecture Concepts

There are a lot of green architecture concepts that have been designed by green architects in this world. The first concept we are going to learn first is heliostats concept. This concept of green architecture is focusing on using mirrors for saving electrical energy. The mirrors are used to reflect sunlight so it will look like as though it were provided by electrics. The roof of this green house is mounted by tracking mirrors that are placed in circular form. Afterwards, the secondary mirrors are directed inside the house so it will be able to reflect sunlight and acts as lighting for the house. The idea of this green architecture type was only founded lately since the price of optics has just been down lately.

Green Roof

Another green architecture idea is still focusing on the roof part of the house. This time, the designers treat the roof as a part of the house that does not only useful for keeping the homeowners sheltered but also for growing greeneries as well. We all know very well that our earth needs support from greenery to heal, hence we need to plant greeneries as much as possible. We can use the roof of our green house as the potential helper in this case.

Earth Sheltered

What Is Green Architecture
What Is Green Architecture

Another example of the idea of green architecture is earth sheltered house. This green house idea these days is seen as a house that is weather resistant and also energy-efficient as well. Different from passive solar green house, this earth sheltered house is said to be more comfortable since it has more stable temperature. However, it is also said that this green house idea is more costly compared to other ideas of green architecture we have discussed previously.