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Garden Pest Control Methods

Gardening can really be a hobby that gives you a lot of advantages. You can get various organic fruits and vegetables that will be safe to consume and you can also get your soul calmed and refreshed by gardening. However, it can also be frustrating as well when it comes to pest troubles. Once pest found out that you have fresh garden to attack they will definitely haunt you down. Indeed, you will not let this kind of suffering happens to you, right? Hence, you need to brace yourself with various garden pest control methods so you will not turn your calming and refreshing gardening activity into a frustrating activity instead.


Pest is actually not only involve around one species of animal only but also various species. In one place, the commonest pest that usually disturbs their gardens is mice and rats. On the other side, another village or area may have more serious problem with cockroaches attack.

Garden Pest Control - Controlling Insect and Disease Problems
Garden Pest Control – Controlling Insect and Disease Problems

Nuisance bird is also another type of pest that can really get the nerve of gardeners and farmers. Since the cause of this problem is various then the method to get rid of them will be different from one to another. In order to get the best result to solve your problem, we have prepared several methods to get rid garden pest such as nuisance birds, cockroaches, mice and rats.


Nuisance Bird

Natural Pest Control Methods - The Tasteful Garden
Natural Pest Control Methods – The Tasteful Garden

In order to get rid of nuisance bird, there are several garden pest control methods you can possibly take. You can do various techniques to get rid of them, such as shooting, trapping and poisoning. It may sound cruel but you will never know how annoying they are until you experience their disturbance by yourself. As an alternative to the previous methods, you can also consider purchasing an electronic device that can scare the nuisance birds so they will not get near your garden. This type of device usually produces distress sound that will be an annoying sound to the birds so they will not be able to stand in your garden area.



Organic Pest Control
Organic Pest Control

Another type of pest that is so annoying and troublesome is cockroach. Even though cockroach is smaller than nuisance bird but it is said to be more harmful since it can bring human diseases. Gastroenteritis and dysentery are two common household diseases that are usually brought by cockroaches. Usually, cockroach will operate to look for foods when the day ends and it gets dark. Therefore, you better seal your food perfectly so they cannot reach or touch your foods. To protect your garden from their attack, you can use several chemical baits such as boric acid powder, fipronil and also hydramethylnon so they can be killed.


Mice and Rats

Pest Control Methods - Free Articles Directory
Pest Control Methods – Free Articles Directory

Mice and rats are two types of pest that are super annoying, the most brutal amongst all. They will definitely leave your garden in disaster. Therefore, you definitely have to use the best garden pest control methods to get rid of them. You can opt for traps or poison to eliminate them all. However, this category of pest is known to be very slick and smart so you probably need to consider calling a professional rodent controller this time.