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How to Buy Quality Furniture


When it comes to getting the best type of furnishings for your home, you don’t to want to go to the inexpensive route. Sure, you could always look into this, but when you realize the horror stories that others have tried to warn you about are in fact true, you will never go back to low quality options. If you’re serious about finding a quality furniture store and absolutely want to avoid having to replace items in a short span of time, you have to look at how to identify quality versus something that will only fall apart and pretty quickly. The following tips will help you get the best options available today.


First and foremost, check out real brick and mortar furniture stores – especially those stores where the furniture is not RTA (Ready to Assemble), which you have to assemble yourself. Usually, this type of furniture is inferior when it comes to not only quality but longevity as well. Big box furniture chains deliver and set up furniture when you purchase from them but you are more than likely not going to find specialty items in them. Smaller stores, especially those where customization is the norm, is the way to go. When big chains offer 3 day or less delivery of most orders, the way you see it on the showroom floor is usually the only way it’s offered. Mass production is their motto and that more often than not means substandard quality as well as options.


Aside from having custom options, consider the raw materials used to make the furniture you are interested in. Soft woods like pine don’t offer better longevity and strength like hardwoods such as birch, maple, or ash. Furniture can easily be made out of particleboard as the only building component and that means that you will not get the most out of your furnishings. You want solid woods, metal, and steel. Veneer over MDF or even over particle board is not necessarily that bad. Veneers over hardwoods are just as good. Solids, however, are better and the price will usually reflect that.
The easiest way to spot whether or not something is made of quality materials is to test it out for yourself. Touch it, feel it, and/or sit on it if it’s a sofa or any other part of a living room set. Feeling for imperfections, putting your weight on it, and making sure that it’s not going to fall apart before it is actually brought into your home can be helpful in the long run. When in doubt, ask a few questions to find out the origins, construction materials, and construction methods used.


Ask about the warranty that the actual manufacturer offers. Many stores also offer additional warranty options. Usually those are called protection plans that span 5 years or some even 10 years. It’s basically insurance for everyday mishaps that may occur like spills, stains, scratches, cuts, etc. And they really do work.
There’s a common misconception that if you look for things that will last, you will have to pay a lot more, and that’s not necessarily the case. You can find affordable items that are well built and are not going to break apart within a few months of purchase, but you will need to do a little bit of searching. Don’t opt for big box retailers that have you in a maze of items but rather seek out quality furnishings from people that care – from stores where the sales reps are not mere “order takers” but actually know their stuff. Look for stores where their employees can actually sit down with you, take their time, and figure out the custom options that you need to realize the variety of inspiring possibilities. Big box stores can’t provide that because that is not their niche.
This post was written by Tony Z. on behalf of fowfurniture.com, which specializes in customizable home furnishings.