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Fluorescent Growing Lights

Many home owners enjoy gardening at their own home. People who are familiar with gardening might know fluorescent growing lights. This lighting system has the ability to produce two to three times more light than traditional incandescent lighting system. Fluorescent growing lights can be affordable option for indoor gardening light. There are some aspects which you should consider when you are looking for the best fluorescent lights. These aspects are including the type of plants which you are growing, space available, and your budget. In finding the best lighting system, you need to consider where your plants grow in their natural environment and choose indoor lighting that mimics the outdoor lighting. You might see enthusiast indoor gardeners having some different types of fluorescent lights.

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The first option for fluorescent growing lights is standard fluorescent lights. This type of lighting system is suitable for starting spring seedlings or growing cool weather vegetables. Some plants which are able to thrive under standard fluorescent lighting are including spinach, herbs, and leaf lettuce. If you are using standard lighting to grow plants indoor, you should keep the bulbs no more than 4 inches from the plans. Standard fluorescent tubes are stated to have 20,000 hours of average life span. If you compare it with incandescent bulbs, it is 25 times longer.

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Another option for fluorescent growing lights is full-spectrum fluorescent lights. The lighting system provides balance of cool and warm light. Based on Gardener’s Supply Company, full-spectrum fluorescent lights are the type which mimics natural light the most closely. The full-spectrum fluorescent tubes come with the ability to provide natural lighting. It is done by producing every color of visible light in the spectrum and a small amount of ultraviolet light. The lighting system is suitable for most plants. These are including seedlings, houseplants, and herbs. For your information, most full-spectrum fluorescent light is working to produce lighting which is similar in strength to sunlight at noon. If you want to purchase this lighting, you need to spend more money since it has more expensive price than standard fluorescent lights. It is able to last for approximately 24,000 hours.

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You might also consider getting compact fluorescent lights as fluorescent growing lights. This lighting system can be considered as new development in fluorescent lighting technology. The company has designed compact fluorescent light with reflectors. The main function of reflectors is focusing the light of bulb towards the plant.

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Each inch of compact bulb surface is good source of light. Compact fluorescent lighting is suitable for propagation but it is also suitable to grow larger plants. You are recommended to use the lighting to grow various plants with different lighting needs. Compact fluorescent lighting has the ability to last for 10,000 hours. However, it is working more efficient so it draws less electricity.

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When you are looking for fluorescent growing lights, you should consider getting high output fluorescent lights. The light is also known as T5 fluorescents. The lighting system offers the ability to emit twice as much light as standard fluorescent lights. T5 fluorescent is highly recommended for tropical plants and in tight vertical spaces. The lighting is especially popular for indoor gardening since it is working to disperse light even over a large growing area. Commonly, the lighting is able to last about 10,000 hours.

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