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Finish Basement Bars

Finish basement bars will be fun and attractive addition for your home. Adding this spot to your basement allows you to have place for gathering with family and friends while enjoying drinks and games. There are many options which you can have when you are designing finish basement bars. You need to choose the design to add the comfort and bar style on your basement space. It is important for you to choose the best ideas according to your basement style and condition.

Ideas for Finish Basement Bars
Finish Basement Bars Ideas

Commonly, finish basement bars are designed to look like a pub. Due to this reason, beer taps might be suitable for your basement bar. In applying the design, you need to install the real working beer taps. It will add authentic feeling to your basement space. Finding beer taps is quite easy. You might want to order it online or buy it in various specialty shops. Beer taps will look good if you hook it up to beer barrels. Purchase the beer barrels at liquor distributors. You can also buy the beer barrels in online store. There are many options of beer barrels which you can choose in the store. It is important for you to choose the beer barrels and beer taps which match with your basement decoration. Fill the barrels with your favorite liquor brands.

Tips for Finish Basement Bars
Finish Basement Bars Tips

Another idea for finish basement bars is game area. Many bars have gaming area. Home owners need to put some entertainment pieces in finished basement bar. These entertainment pieces will create welcoming atmosphere in your basement bar. You might want to put dart board in the corner. If you have enough space in your bathroom, you are recommended to put pool table in your basement. It is also a good idea for you to install convertible game table if the room is large enough. The table can be converted pool table to air hockey table or ping pong table. You will have more game varieties with one table only. Another popular option among many home owners is small arcade games. Arcade games will bring nostalgic feeling of real bar to your basement.

Pics of Finish Basement Bars
Finish Basement Bars Pictures

In designing finish basement bars, you should consider using wine cellar. Wine cellar will give sophisticated look to your basement. Wine cellar needs enclosed space. Home owners might want to create the wine cellar in basement closet. Basements are suitable for wine cellars since the underground area helps the wine cool. You might find ready-made wine racks at most home décor stores. You need to install it in closet to make a cellar. If you do not have enough space in your basement, you are recommended to purchase small electronic wine refrigerator before installing it under the bar.

Design of Finish Basement Bars
Designs for Finish Basement Bars

When you are planning finish basement bars, you might need to determine whether your home’s plumbing and budget support a wet bar. Wet bar idea allows home owners to create sink and refrigerator with ice maker. The system needs pipes to deliver water. Due to this reason, you need to consider your plumbing. You also need to install new electrical outlets. It is better for you to let the professional to complete the plumbing and electrical installation.

Cool Finish Basement Bars
Great Finish Basement Bars

If you have enough space, you need to plan the cabinet configuration. Most bars come with base cabinets which are topped by counter and wall hung cabinets. You also need to determine whether you want to create theme for your basement bar or not. Theme allows you to choose traditional or modern look easier. You can also choose the items for your finish basement bars much easier after determining the theme.

Finish Basement Bars Styles
Style for Finish Basement Bars

Small House Basement Remodeling

Small House Basement Remodeling

Many home owners rarely go down to their basement. In some cases, it is because their basement is not really beautiful and comfortable like other areas in their home. There are many home owners who do not like to spend their time in basement area. Commonly, basement is filled with unused items. It is also the reason why basement is not comfortable. Not all home owners know that basement can be transformed into amazing place in home. You just need some great small house basement remodeling ideas. Here are some ideas which you can apply for your basement.

Simple but Great Ideas for the Small House Basement Remodeling

One of the most popular small house basement remodeling ideas is transforming the small basement becoming small game room. It is especially suitable for people who enjoy playing game or parents who have children. You can turn the basement into gaming room for playing console game or other games like snooker or foosball. When you are planning to turn the basement into gaming room, you need to decorate it by using colorful neon on the ceiling of the basement. Put some sofas and carpet with similar color. Sofa and carpet will create comfortable look in your basement.

Small House Basement Remodeling

Since you are using the room as gaming room, you will need television with game consoles. Put the equipment in front of the sofa. To complete the game room, you can also add snooker of the foosball board on the center of basement. The room allows you to spend free time with your friends to play game together.

As another option, you can also transform your basement into multi-activity room. This small house basement remodeling idea requires the basement to be well-lit whether it is from natural light or from the lamps. After applying this idea, your basement can be used for multi-activities. Home owners can put many things to support various activities. It is including fitness tools, children’s toys, and small mini bar. However, you need to remember not to put too many items. If you are putting too many items, your basement will be too stuffed.


Small House Basement Remodeling

There are also many people who turned their basement in their small house into the home entertainment center or also called as the media center. You can also apply the small house basement remodeling idea to your basement. Put some comfortable cushions in the basement and elegant table. After that, you need to put the television and DVD or other entertainment products. Now, you can enjoy your free time by watching great movies and TV shows.

If you are working at home, you might want to consider applying small house basement remodeling idea which transform basement into home office. You are able to use the room to work comfortably. Even though the idea is transforming basement into office, it does not mean the room should be too formal. Add items and decoration which make you feel comfortable to work. You need to put the things which can support your energy and concentration for your work in your remodeled basement.