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Interior Design Salaries

Average interior designer salaries

Interior Design Wages
Interior Design Wages

Interior design is a person will help you in decorating your home for a new look. When you want to decorating your interior home, ask to interior designer is a good choice. They will make your project look good as you want. in addition to home project, there are vary project that can be done by interior designer including shops, hotels, and restaurant, offices and industrial units, historic buildings, vehicles, such as ships and aircraft, and public buildings.


Interior designer also will give you advice about design that will match to your needs. The working of interior designer starts from to the choice of furnishing, curtains, lighting, and also wallpaper. And also they will manage your project until the ends. In definitely, they will give the result to your project. In addition to control your project, there are another role that interior designer must have include

Interior Design Salaries 2012
Interior Design Salaries 2012
  • Interior designer work to negotiating fees and setting schedule for the project.
  • Interior designer work to working to a brief which detailed what the space will be used.
  • Interior designer work to inspecting and surveying buildings.
  • Interior designer work to supervising the work as it is carried out.
  • Interior designer work to developing detailed design and choosing the materials that will match to your interior.
  • Interior designer work to researching the design and drawing up rough plans.


It is a role that interior designer must have to running the project. There are several skills that interior designer must have include


  • Interior designer must have a creativity and imagination. An interior designer must have to develop their imagination to create a new design for their client.
  • Interior designer must ability to work with IT in drawing the design.
  • Ability to visualize concepts and explain them to the others.
  • Interior designer have a good eye visualization including good 3D awareness and color.
  • Interior designer have many ideas that will interest in changing trends in designs.


It is the work activities are included and characteristic must have for an interior designer. From all of these work activities and characteristic, an interior designer will receive a salary. Here are Average interior designer salaries. It is actual rates of pay of interior designer. Pay may vary depending on the employer and where people live.

  • Salaries start at around £18,000 a year for a trainee interior designer
  • Salaries start at may earn around £60,000 or more for a most senior interior designer
  • Salaries start at may vary earn around £30,000 a year for a experiences interior designer
Interior Design Salaries 2011
Interior Design Salaries 2011


As mentioned above is average interior designer salaries that may pay. Here is typically hours working of interior designer
Interior designer typically working 39 hours a week, from Monday to Friday. For weekend and some evening work mat be required to meet the clients to discuss about the project and ensure deadlines are met. Interior designer possibility to work part time is required.