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Creating A Creative Book Display

When it comes to reading, there are not many people who will get interested especially when they see scattered books everywhere. Therefore, arranging books in a good and well organized display will psychologically attract people to get near and read one of your book collections. That is why you can see in a library and bookstores they display the books in such neat and category based displays so the people will feel more comfortable in searching what they are looking for. You can also try creating a creative book display at your own home. There are a lot of methods you can surely use to arrange your book collections. Here are some tips you can consider so you will get interesting book display.



Topic, Season, Month

The first idea of creative book display you can consider applying to your book collection arrangement is topic, season and month arrangement. We all know, simply arrange the books alphabetically based on their titles or author names is definitely a boring arrangement that is no longer interesting for your mini library at home. Instead, you can try arranging them based on their topic so you can also teach your children about many things this way. For example, you can categorize the books or articles contains Mother’s Day topic in May season or category. As for October category, you can gather books about monsters or Halloween season. This way you can teach your children that Mother’s Day is in May and Halloween is in October.


Authors Spotlight

How to Create Creative Book Displays
How to Create Creative Book Displays

This is one popular way of creating a creative book display that has been used by most bookstores and libraries you can find out there. Usually, this type of book arranging method is used for emphasizing the bookstores or library’s recommended author. If you happen to love collecting books from certain authors, this way or arranging book display will be the best option. For example, if you love the works of Agatha Christie a lot then you can create a special corner for her books and novels. In addition, if you have series collection from various authors, such as the Harry Potter Series, the Lord of the Ring, and the Twilight Saga, then you can also arrange them based on their author. Moreover, if you have the collections signed by the author, this will definitely be a great book display idea you can use.


In the News

Creative Library Displays
Creative Library Displays

If you also happen to collect tabloids, magazines and newspapers as well, then it will also be great f you have a special corner contains the hottest news that are happening at the moment. This type of book display is dynamic so it will be perfect for keeping daily, weekly or monthly collections. This way of creating a creative book display in your house’s mini library needs regular attention since you need to change it based on the happening news at the moment. If you are a person who always keep update and follow up news around, then this type of book display will absolutely be a great decision.