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Brown Couches Living Rooms

Some people consider brown color is not interesting. They think that brown colors are boring and unattractive. Commonly, people who do not favor brown color are the people that prefer colorful and stunning colors. However, brown color is suitable for people who love calm, neutral, and natural color. If you especially love brown color, you might consider using brown couches living rooms. The deep rich color which you get from chocolate brown sofa can be combined with some types of color schemes. Home owners are able to pair the sofa or couches with matching love seat and recliner. Here are some paint color schemes which you can apply for brown couches living rooms.

Tips for Brown Couches Living Rooms
Brown Couches Living Rooms Tips

In finding suitable color schemes for brown couches living rooms, you should consider choosing neutral shades. You can get neutral shades like beige, cream, and tan. The colors are working well if you apply it in your living room. Neutral shades are good combination for your chocolate brown sodas. Many interior designers recommend you to get neutral shades to accompany your brown sofa. It is because lighter walls bring slight contrast and matching combination with the color of the sofa.

Brown Couches Living Rooms Decor
Decoration of Brown Couches Living Rooms

You should paint the walls in the living room with neutral shades. Keep white color for ceiling area. Decorate the sofa by using beige and cream colored pillows. These decorative pillows will tie the sofa together with the walls. Combine the sofa with white or beige lamps which are placed on dark wooden end tables. To add personalized touch, you can hang framed photos or art by using dark wooden frames. The decoration will tie the color of wall and sofa.

Perfect Brown Couches Living Rooms
Great Brown Couches Living Rooms

You might also consider using forest green accent wall for brown couches living rooms. If you are placing chocolate brown sofa in your living room, dark colors can blend well. In applying the color, you need to paint one large accent wall in your living room with forest green and keep the white color on remaining walls. Put large potted plants in two areas of living room. You are recommended to place the sofa against the green accent wall. Add some hang lighter decorations or framed pictures. It will create contrast effect against the dark colors.

Brown Couches Living Rooms Recommending
Recommended Brown Couches Living Rooms

Another option for your brown couches living rooms is off-white walls with flower décor. This option is suitable to make your couches standing out in the room. You need to paint the living room wall with textured off-white shade. Add other darker colors to create the contrast in the room. For example, you can mount the wooden wall hanging, framed picture, quilted wall hanging. You might want to combine your sofa with other chocolate brown or dark furniture and end tables with beige or cream lamps. The items will help you to blend every element together.

Top Brown Couches Living Rooms
Best Brown Couches Living Rooms

In finding good combination for brown couches living rooms, you should consider applying pastel shades. Right pastel shades can blend well with a chocolate brown sofa. Some colors which can be good complement are including lavender and chocolate brown. You might also choose other pastel shades like mint green or baby blue. Avoid some neon colors such as orange, pink, bright green, and yellow. In applying pastel shade, you need to keep the ceiling in white color. You can combine the colors with décor pieces which are darker than walls to create the contrast. To decorate your living room, you should put light purple and baby blue pillows to tie all elements together.

Classic Brown Couches Living Rooms
Place Brown Couches Living Rooms