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Choosing the Floor Tiles Design 2013

Choosing the Floor Tiles Design 2013

Flooring for the house is really important and there are many materials that can be chosen for this job. There is wood flooring, concrete, tiles, marbles and many kind of material for the flooring that you can pick  in your house. But in this modern era, there are many people who choose to use the tiles for the flooring, especially in the bathroom. The reason for this could be the fact that tiles are very durable even in the watery areas of the home.  And here are some of the trends for the floor tiles design of 2013 that you can also use in your bathroom.

Choosing the Floor Tiles Design 2013

The Recommended Floor Tiles Design 2013

Choosing the floor tiles design 2013 for the bathroom usually should be based on the owner of the bathroom itself. It means that the design for the adult and kids’ bathrooms should be different to make it more suitable for the people who use the bathroom.

The first recommended design for the adult bathroom is to use black and white tiling design for the floors. This is rather simple actually. You will only need simple black and white tiles and install it alternatively to make the form look like a chessboard. Even though it looks really simple, it really can have a large effect on the bathroom. With this design, the bathroom will look wider than it really is which makes the usage more comfortable for you. It will even be better if you can combine it by using the large mirror in the bathroom.

The other floor tiles design 2013 that you can choose is the mosaic tiling with two or more color tiles. If the usual design for the tiles uses the same sequence for the installing process, the mosaic will require that you to install the tiles with the free sequences just like you want them. The combination from the random tiles will form a great color for your floor. Also, it will be easier to be cleaned and harder for mold to grow on them.

Meanwhile, for the kids’ bathroom, the more creative and colorful design will be more suitable for them. It will also be good if you use a particular theme for the bathroom. For example, you can use the beach theme for the floor tiles design 2013. You can use the sand colored tiles on the bathroom, along with the other beach themed fixture to complete the whole picture and ambiance of a beach. But make sure to also use the colorful walls to overcome the plain color in the floors.

Choosing the Floor Tiles Design 2013

There are also plenty of bright-colored tiles that you can use on the bathroom. This will not be only suitable for the kids’ bathroom, but you can also use it for the teenage girls’ bathroom too. Some of the colors will include the leaf green and blue sky. The trick in using this is to pick the large-sized tiles for the floor and make wide spaces between them.  And now you know the best tiles for the floor tiles design 2013.

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

Choosing stone for bathroom flooring is one of the most important aspects in building bathroom area. This process is very important and you need to perform it very carefully. There are many aspects which you should consider when choosing stone for bathroom flooring. These aspects are including durability, appearance, prices, and other factors. In finding the best stone for your bathroom flooring, you should consider installing non-slippery tiles. These tiles are not only safe but also durable. Home owners can have various options which can be selected for their bathroom. Here are some options for non slippery tiles to choose for your bathroom flooring.

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

Types of the Non-Slippery Bathroom Stone

The first type of bathroom stone is textured ceramic or textured porcelain. Regular porcelain or ceramic tile is designed with glazed surface. It will not be good option for your bathroom area. Textured ceramic or porcelain is more preferable since it is less slippery. Installing non slippery tile will be more beneficial since it is not only cheaper but also easier to install. Tile flooring is also very durable in damp and wet situation. Since it has high durability, you can save money to repair your bathroom stone. Home owners are able to have a wide selection of color scheme which can be chosen according to bathroom design.

As another option, you can also install cork tiles. These tiles will be good option for bathroom stone. The tile is similar to ordinary tile for bathroom but it is weaker than the ordinary tile. Due to this reason, it is not very durable towards wetness and damps. However, you can find the toughened type which has durability through the wetness and damps. It can be used as bathroom flooring. These cork tiles have more expensive price compared to regular tile. It is because these tiles are not only tough but also have beautiful pattern.

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

You should consider installing granite stone. This natural stone is one of the most favorite options among home owners. It will be good option to add beauty addition to your bathroom. There are many options of granite flooring available in the market. You need to ensure that granite flooring you choose does not have slippery surface. There are some benefits which you can get from granite flooring. The first benefit is warmer and more natural look in bathroom area. In installing the granite, you should use the granites to cover the whole floor. It is because your bathroom will look too stuffed from granite color.

If you think that non slippery tiles are not suitable for your bathroom area, you can consider installing rubber tile as alternative. Rubber tile is not similar to regular tiles or stone. However, it will be good option for your bathroom. Rubber tile is good option for your bathroom since it is not only durable but is also available in many colors. Another benefit which you can get from rubber tile is flexibility and easy installation. In finding the best stone for your bathroom area, you need to consider your own need and preference.

Choosing the Mosaic Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

Mosaic is one of the most favorite designs for home interior design. People use mosaic design for many aspects at their home starting from table, window glasses, and bathroom tile. The good thing from using mosaic bathroom tiling ideas is beautiful look which you will get from the pattern. In this present day, there are many options of mosaic design and style which you can choose for your bathroom. This article provides simple yet useful information for mosaic tiling design.

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

Simple yet Elegant Mosaic Bathroom Tiling Ideas

In finding the best mosaic bathroom tiling ideas for your bathroom, you can choose simple yet elegant mosaic tiling design. The design creates elegant look which might look simple at the first glance. It is even better since installing the tile is very easy allowing home owners to install it by their own.

You might consider choosing eggshell design for your mosaic bathroom tiling ideas. This idea has two options which are random and managed tiling for bathroom. Random option is formed by using torn tiles which are put on the floor. The torn tiles are formed to create colorful form. Managed tile option is formed by using hexagon formed tiles for the floor. These tiles will be formed in the colorful tiles.

Non-Slippery Tiles as the Best Bathroom Stone

You can also use simple rectangular formed tiles for mosaic bathroom tiling ideas. In applying this idea, you need to pay attention at the colors of the tiles and how you put them. Commonly, home owners will be using more than two colors for tiling. It is important for you to use the colors which match well one for another. Choosing matching color is important to create the best combination of mosaic tiling.

How To Create Bathroom Flooring With Mosaic Bathroom Tiling Ideas

First, you need to get the tiles which you are going to use for bathroom flooring. You can have the option to create your own tiles by breaking big tiles. You need to break the tiles to different shape or size. For home owners who are going to use usual rectangular mosaic, you just need to purchase small and colorful tiles for flooring.

After purchasing the tile, you need to clean the floor to ensure the tiles can be put straight on the floor. You also need to sand the concrete the floor before starting to install the mosaic tiles. You are recommended to take measurement of the floor. The measurement is important to determine the number of tiles which are needed for your bathroom floor.

The last step is putting the tiles for the flooring. For mosaic bathroom tiling ideas, you should put the flooring in no particular order. Create the mosaic according to your preference. You can find the inspiration from magazines or websites. It is also a good idea for you to use grout to stick the tiles on the floors. You also need to put some grouts in the area between the tiles. If you are too busy or you are not experienced DIY skills, you might want to hire the service from professional contractor.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas for Kids’ Room

Bathroom floor tiles ideas

Bathroom floors tiles are comes in variety style, pattern, size, and color. When it comes to change your bathroom floor you should make a good decision about it. You have to know that not all flooring tiles will work to your bathroom.

Make a good decision about the material of flooring tiles that you prefer. When it comes to decorating your kid’s bathroom you should make it look more attractive and fun. Kids love interesting environment such as decorate with bright color animals. Bright color can give to touch the floor and off course walls. Besides that, adding some their favorite creature in the bathroom to look fun.

To choosing the right bathroom tiles for kids room is no more difficult. There are many bathroom flooring tiles that you can choose. Here are

–          Mosaic bathroom flooring tiles

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Choosing Bathroom Tile Design
Bathroom Tile Ideas – Choosing Bathroom Tile Design

Mosaic bathroom flooring ideas is one of the most flooring choices. Mosaic flooring are comes in different design, style, and pattern. One unique type of mosaic bathroom flooring tiles is marble mosaic tiles. Marble mosaic tiles are good looks and bewitching patterns. If you are looking for interest mosaic flooring you can purchase at toppstiles.com. Toopstiles.com is offering different mosaic flooring tiles that can make your kid’s bathroom look interesting and fun. You can install the mosaic tiles on the wall or floor. It is just depending on what is make it look interest.

–          Vinyl bathroom flooring tiles

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Bathroom Floor Tile
Bathroom Tile Ideas for Bathroom Floor Tile

Another option you can choose to create interesting look to your kid’s bathroom is vinyl bathroom flooring tiles. A vinyl tile is great option ideas for bathroom. You cannot go wrong with these flooring tiles because they are durability and off course safe for kids. They are also offer with a quite reasonable price. Vinyl flooring is made by high material that can appear a fungus to your flooring. So you do not have to be afraid of fungus attack. Vinyl bathroom flooring tiles are comes in variety design such as wood and marble texture. Choose the right one that can deliver a homey atmosphere to your kid’s bathroom.

–          Ceramic bathroom flooring tiles

Dining Room Bathroom Floor Tile Color Design, Pictures, Remodel
Dining Room Bathroom Floor Tile Color Design, Pictures, Remodel

Ceramic flooring also becomes the favorite choice for kid’s bathroom. There are many options for ceramic flooring. Choose the interest ceramic design. Even though, ceramic possibility to get a slippery you can prevent with adding a rugs. Add a bathroom rug on the floor. Decorate your kid’s bathroom with interest touch such as wallpaper and definitely ceramic will work to compliment your bathroom.

–          Adding ornament to your kids bathroom

Home Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom
Home Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom

Adding a slight ornament to your kid’s bathroom is important factor. There are some interest ornaments that you can choose such as give an accent on the wall and windows. Apply word art on the wall or wallpaper to make it look interesting. There are many word art options that will suit such as animal picture and many others. For windows give a touch with adding interest curtain.


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