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Corn Gluten Weed Killer

There have already been a lot of researches that prove the fact about corn gluten weed killer is indeed true. Corn gluten is used to eliminate weeds problem without any side effects that can possibly cause you another problem. How does actually corn gluten work as weed killer? When is the best time to spread corn gluten? And what is the application method you should use to spread the corn gluten? If you are curious to know the answers to all those questions then I suggest you to read this post further.

Garden Safe Weed Killer
Garden Safe Weed Killer


Corn gluten is said to have potential properties to prevent the growth of nuisance weeds in your garden. According to the research of Dr. Nick Christians in Iowa, even the cheapest type of corn gluten can be the best remedy to eliminate fungus problems. Furthermore, during the research time he had at the time he also found that corn gluten gave counter reaction to weeds germination process as well. From the experiments he did at the time he can see that corn gluten gave bad effect to the germination process of weeds. It makes the weeds to be unable to grow roots so even though they grew they will not be able to survive. Under this revelation, people began using corn gluten as the best weed killer.

Corn Gluten Meal Fertilizer and Weed Killer
Corn Gluten Meal Fertilizer and Weed Killer


Actually, how does corn gluten weed killer work? The killing effect is actually caused by the protein contained by the corn gluten. Once you spread the corn gluten powder onto the soil, there will be chemical barrier created by the protein. This is the exact reason why the weeds will not be able to grow roots. In addition, they will not be able to obtain enough water so they will rapidly die. Even though this method is said to have a ten percent unsuccessful possibility but according to testimonials it is said that the success rate of this remedy is between sixty to ninety percent.

Is There an Organic Weed Killer for Your Lawn
Is There an Organic Weed Killer for Your Lawn

Application Method

Similar to any other herbicide or pesticide you usually meet out there, the application method is quite simple and easy. You just need to simply spread the corn gluten especially when you have corn gluten in powder form. As an alternative, you can also mix the pellets or powder with water first so the soil can absorb it more quickly. The second method is definitely better but if you want simpler and quicker method then you can use the first simple technique.

Corn Gluten as a Weed Killer
Corn Gluten as a Weed Killer

Application Time

According to the professionals of corn gluten weed killer matter, the best time to apply corn gluten is depending to the soil temperature of each are. Generally, the suggested time is between April and May, or 3 weeks before the weeds sprout. It will be better for you to let the corn gluten effects deteriorate for about 5 weeks. During this waiting period you can see the condition of the weeds growth whether it is decreased or stay the same. If you have positive result then you can reapply the whole process again to keep the garden away from weeds.

The Way to Make Better Homes and Garden Decorating

Better homes and garden decorating – Have you ever imagined to create a garden near the house? Park homes can indeed be an important factor to maintain the beauty of your home, because home is actually touched the plant will be memorable barren and hot. Park House is a special area for growing a variety of crops. Starting from the tree, you can plant a flower or plant that has many benefits. The park is like a small forest which has many benefits. In addition to making the home look more beautiful and lovely, a variety of plants in your home garden will create more oxygen supply to cool the house.

Better Homes and Gardens Furniture and Decor
Better Homes and Gardens Furniture and Decor

You are interested to decorate your house with a garden? There are some easy tips for you to make a home garden fresh and beautiful. You can choose decorative flowers are easy to grow and bloom in you. If your home is located in a cold area, you can maintain the roses. Choose a different color rose garden looks so bright and colorful. When you live in a place that is not too cold, you can maintain other flowers. For example frangipani or chrysanthemum color is very attractive to decorate your dream home park.

Home and Garden
Home and Garden

Create your garden become cooler because it can be circumvented by planting at least one tree in the garden of the home of your dreams. Choose a tree canopy so that sunlight will not shine directly ornamental plants in better homes and garden decorating. Then adjust the layout of ornamental plants in the garden house of your dreams. For example, plants are grouped by type; white roses with white roses planted another row, while the red ones are planted side by side with the red. In addition, the park must have a limit and do not give up a little area for you to walk. So for example, from the door of the house to the road to the gate, the garden can be made in the right and left side of the road.
To look beautiful and natural, you need to plant ornamental grasses in the garden soil. In addition to ornamental grasses, you can also add some decorative pebbles or gravel to cover the bare ground. It is also very function for water absorption, so the remaining water and rain water watering the flowers will not be inundated, as if waterlogged soil in the garden will make you become muddy and dirty impressed. To make the park an ideal home, you also have to keep taking care of plants and cleanliness of the park. You need to water your plants regularly and remove the offending weeds.

Inspired Spring Decor
Inspired Spring Decor

As a complement to the beauty, you can add some decorations to a beautiful garden. To make it look more natural, you can also design your dream home park by adding a mini waterfall. These are some tips to make the dream of a beautiful home gardens and beautiful. Create a garden to beautify your home and make your home healthier that will actually help and be useful to get better homes and garden decorating.

Garden Pest Control Methods

Gardening can really be a hobby that gives you a lot of advantages. You can get various organic fruits and vegetables that will be safe to consume and you can also get your soul calmed and refreshed by gardening. However, it can also be frustrating as well when it comes to pest troubles. Once pest found out that you have fresh garden to attack they will definitely haunt you down. Indeed, you will not let this kind of suffering happens to you, right? Hence, you need to brace yourself with various garden pest control methods so you will not turn your calming and refreshing gardening activity into a frustrating activity instead.


Pest is actually not only involve around one species of animal only but also various species. In one place, the commonest pest that usually disturbs their gardens is mice and rats. On the other side, another village or area may have more serious problem with cockroaches attack.

Garden Pest Control - Controlling Insect and Disease Problems
Garden Pest Control – Controlling Insect and Disease Problems

Nuisance bird is also another type of pest that can really get the nerve of gardeners and farmers. Since the cause of this problem is various then the method to get rid of them will be different from one to another. In order to get the best result to solve your problem, we have prepared several methods to get rid garden pest such as nuisance birds, cockroaches, mice and rats.


Nuisance Bird

Natural Pest Control Methods - The Tasteful Garden
Natural Pest Control Methods – The Tasteful Garden

In order to get rid of nuisance bird, there are several garden pest control methods you can possibly take. You can do various techniques to get rid of them, such as shooting, trapping and poisoning. It may sound cruel but you will never know how annoying they are until you experience their disturbance by yourself. As an alternative to the previous methods, you can also consider purchasing an electronic device that can scare the nuisance birds so they will not get near your garden. This type of device usually produces distress sound that will be an annoying sound to the birds so they will not be able to stand in your garden area.



Organic Pest Control
Organic Pest Control

Another type of pest that is so annoying and troublesome is cockroach. Even though cockroach is smaller than nuisance bird but it is said to be more harmful since it can bring human diseases. Gastroenteritis and dysentery are two common household diseases that are usually brought by cockroaches. Usually, cockroach will operate to look for foods when the day ends and it gets dark. Therefore, you better seal your food perfectly so they cannot reach or touch your foods. To protect your garden from their attack, you can use several chemical baits such as boric acid powder, fipronil and also hydramethylnon so they can be killed.


Mice and Rats

Pest Control Methods - Free Articles Directory
Pest Control Methods – Free Articles Directory

Mice and rats are two types of pest that are super annoying, the most brutal amongst all. They will definitely leave your garden in disaster. Therefore, you definitely have to use the best garden pest control methods to get rid of them. You can opt for traps or poison to eliminate them all. However, this category of pest is known to be very slick and smart so you probably need to consider calling a professional rodent controller this time.

Organic Garden Pesticides

Pest is indeed the number one issue that usually annoys those who love gardening a lot. Actually, there are already a lot of ways to solve this kind of problem. A lot of manufacturers have been competing in providing pesticides that can help the gardeners get rid of the pests in their garden. However, people nowadays have been very environment and health conscious, hence they have also been very picky in choosing pesticides for their garden. Chemical pesticides can possibly harm the plants or vegetables as well so it can possibly harm the consumers. Under this concern, one way out we can have is to choose organic garden pesticides as the best decision.

Organic Garden Pesticides
Organic Garden Pesticides

Why is it called organic pesticide? We all know that chemical pesticides are man made and derived from chemical substances that are usually very strong and harmful. On the contrary, the main ingredients of organic pesticides are not man made. Living organisms and other organic ingredients are the main ingredients that derived organic pesticides. Farmers and gardeners usually use organic pesticides over chemical pesticides since they are safer and healthier, especially when you have vegetables or fruits garden that is meant for consumption needs. Here are several names of organic garden pesticide that are commonly used by a lot of people. Do not worry, these types of organic garden pesticides are proven to be safe, harmless and healthy.

Organic Garden Pest Control
Organic Garden Pest Control


Neem is said to be the oldest organic garden pesticide that has been very well known for years already. This organic pesticide is derived from neem tree’s extract that is claimed to be very rich of salannin and azadirachtin. What is neem tree? Neem tree is actually a tree from native Indian era that is said to have high fungicidal efficiency. For more than four thousand years, neem extract has been used as one of the most potential organic pesticides that can effectively control the growth of various pests in our gardens. You can use neem to eliminate gypsy moth, mealy bug, looper, leaves miner, and also whiteflies as well. These days, you can find a lot of manufacturers that provide this organic garden pesticide under various trademarks so it will not be a difficult task to get one.

Organic Pest Control and Pesticide
Organic Pest Control and Pesticide


Another name of organic pesticide you can also take into your option list is sabadilla. Sabadilla lily seeds that are said to be rich in veratrine will be extracted to make this kind of pesticide. With low level of toxicity, sabadilla can effectively be potent insecticide that can secure your garden. Various insects such as stink bug, squash bug, thrip, caterpillar and also leaves hopper will be able to be eliminated by sabadilla.

Organic Pesticides for Gardens
Organic Pesticides for Gardens


Aside from the names of organic garden pesticides above, you can also consider pyrethrum. This is also said to be a common organic pesticide that has been widely used by a lot of people out there. Made from chrysanthemum extract, pyrethrum is said to be another effective and safe insecticide. You can simply purchase a trademark of pyrethrum then use it to protect the plantations in your garden.

Natural Pesticides For Gardens

There are a lot of natural pesticides for gardens you can even make at home. We all know that chemical or synthetic pesticides nowadays are definitely not a wise choice for our garden, especially when it contains vegetables or fruits for consumption purpose. Therefore, opting for natural and organic pesticides will be the best decision you can do to safe a lot of people around you and your environment as well. In this passage, you can read several names of natural pesticides that will be easy to make at home. These solutions are not only easy but affordable as well so you will get multiple advantages.


Bulb Vegetables

natural pesticides for gardens
natural pesticides for gardens

Bulb vegetables are said to be a simple and cheap yet effective pests repellent you can find out there. What is a bulb vegetable then? Onion and garlic is two vegetables that are categorized as bulb vegetables. It is highly believed that the extract of these bulb vegetables is potential at repelling flying insects and killing pests with soft body. In order to make the extract you can take a big piece of onion and a garlic clove. Crush them together then mix them with a bottle of water. You can put the mixture in a spray bottle so it will be easier for you to use it later on. You can spray it directly onto your plants or you can also spray it onto the soils of your plants.


Herbal Tea

Natural Pesticides for Vegetable Gardens
Natural Pesticides for Vegetable Gardens

Another option of natural pesticides for gardens you can also use is herbal tea. It is not merely herbal tea that is usually consumed by a lot of people but it is the strong one. For example, you can use either mint or sage tea, or both of them to make this kind of repellent. If you think that the previous mixture of onion and garlic causes you unpleasant smell then you do not need to worry that you will experience the same situation. Repellent made from herbal tea totally smells more pleasant and also easy to make. Similar to the bulb vegetables mixture, you need to simply spread the herbal tea to your plants. In addition, you can also plant the herbs around your garden so you will get better effect.


Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are also perfect to help you make your own natural pesticides at home. According to the research, insects and cats hate citrus fruits so they will immediately stay away once they can smell the existence of this fruit category. This is simpler than the previous solutions since you just need to place the citrus zest or peels around your plants. In addition, you do not need to also change it as often as herbal tea or bulb vegetables spray.



Natural Pesticides Alternatives for Home and Garden Pest Control
Natural Pesticides Alternatives for Home and Garden Pest Control

Eggshell is probably the strangest one among all natural pesticides for gardens that have been mentioned above. However, if you want to get rid of slug problem then you can use this method. you just have to smash the eggshells then mix them with the soil in your garden. Eggshell is said to be as sharp as glass so it will be very effective to make the slugs go away.


Know the Soils of Your Garden

Gardening is indeed one of many hobbies out there that can give you a lot of advantages. Not only it does help you spend your leisure time positively but it also helps you calm your soul and refresh your mind. However, in order to do the gardening activities well you will require several things and tools. One of those things is garden, of course. Garden is the most important place you need to prepare first before undergoing any types of gardening activities. Moreover, you need to also know the soils of your garden first since this will be a great determination of your future gardening activities.


Why is it so important to know the soils type of our garden? We all already know that the soils will be the most important place for the plantations to grow up. Therefore, you need to make sure whether or not the soils are good enough and healthy enough for them to grow up. There are various names of soil types that have different level of fertility and also different characteristics as well. In this article you will get to know each of them better and also learn how to determine the soil type of your garden.


Types of Soils

Essential Gardening and Soil Books - Burg Jägerhof, and Medieval
Essential Gardening and Soil Books – Burg Jägerhof, and Medieval

Before you learn the tips on how to know the soils of your garden you need to know each soil type first. There are actually several common names of soil types you can meet out there.

Macaulay Soils - Soils The Science - MacaulaySoils
Macaulay Soils – Soils The Science – MacaulaySoils

They are sand, silt, clay and loam. Sand is said to be a soil type that is particles combination of various disintegrated rocks. Therefore, it is loose and coarse so it is no wondering that sand is categorized as a soil type that has the biggest particle size. This type of soil is said to unable to hold nutrients well so it is not suitable for gardening.


Types Of Garden Soils - Essortment Articles
Types Of Garden Soils – Essortment Articles

Aside from sand, you can also meet silt, clay and loam. Compared to sand, silt has better mineral particles therefore it will be better than sand. However, it can be very compacted like flour when it is wet so it will not be a good condition for gardening. The same also goes to clay that is said to have the tiniest particles. Clay is also not a good choice for gardening since it cannot let air and water to cultivate well. on the other hand, loam is said to be the best choice of soil you can use for gardening. As a combination of clay, silt and sand, loam is able to fulfill the requirements needed for gardening.


Determine the Soil Type

Your Garden Soil and You - Gardening Growing garden seeds, plants
Your Garden Soil and You – Gardening Growing garden seeds, plants

There are actually various ways to know the soils of your garden you can possibly take. First of all, you need water softening powder, water jar with lid, and water. You can mix water and water softening powder in the jar then shake it so they can mix well. get a grab of soil from your garden and put it in the jar then shake it again. Sand is the heaviest type so it will stay in the bottom of the jar, the second is silt then followed by clay. Loam is combination of these three so you just need to see what type of soil that dominates the soil type by checking the thickness of each soil layer.

Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Lawn is said to be harder to maintain compared to garden. Actually, it will not be that hard and complicated if only you have known the right basic lawn maintenance rules to guide you. This kind of basic rules to maintain lawn is practical and pretty simple so you do not need to spend your money to hire professional lawn maintenance service. In this post you will know what important rules you need to do to keep your lawn in a good shape. Do not worry since the maintenance will only require several basic equipments. Definitely, you will not get troubled just to get the job started.


How to Lawn bowl with the basic rules
How to Lawn bowl with the basic rules

The first thing you need to think about when you want to maintain your lawn is to give it a proper irrigation. You can water the lawn first thing in early morning since this will be the best time to get your lawn irrigated. Do not put too much nor too less water to your lawn, make sure that the water is sufficient to wet the root zone of your grass. Do not leave your lawn less irrigated because the grass can turn yellow and dry. Of course, this will definitely lead the grass in your lawn to death. On the other hand, too much water will also cause the same condition to happen. The roots of the grass will get rotten then it will cause it to die as well.


Lawn Care Maintenance and Upkeep Basics
Lawn Care Maintenance and Upkeep Basics

Another point of basic lawn maintenance rules you need to dos is mowing process. Always keep in mind that you are not allowed to mow the freshly laid grass lawn until a full week passed. After you have made sure that the grass or turves have grown perfectly it means that you can start mowing them. You can set a high level lawn mover, depending on the type of the turves or grass you have chosen earlier. Make sure that the blades of your lawn mower are sharp enough so it will make beautiful cuts.


Lawn Care Rules And Regulations lawn care service
Lawn Care Rules And Regulations lawn care service

Fertilization is also an important issue to get your lawn well maintained and grows perfectly. For the lawn that is in cool climatic condition it will be enough to give about two or four founds nitrogen based fertilizers for at least a thousand square feet grass lawn in each year. On the other hand, if the lawn happens to have to bear higher traffic and activities then you need to double the amount. It is said that the bet time to fertilize your lawn is summer so you better not do it in other seasons so you can get maximum result.


Occupational Licenses Lawn Care CEO
Occupational Licenses Lawn Care CEO

Aside from the previous basic lawn maintenance rules you need to also consider the possibilities of pest and diseases that can infect your grass. It is said that the problems can vary from one type of grass to another type. Therefore, you need to get to know the type of grass you have chosen better first. There are a lot of disinfectants or pesticides available in the markets you can surely get to protect your lawn from any pests and diseases.

Corn Gluten for Weed Control

The idea of corn gluten for weed control is definitely the best alternative you can have. Corn gluten is said to be able to eliminate annoying weeds in our garden. Usually, corn gluten is contained in pet or animal foods so do not be surprised that there are a lot of people who traditionally spread pet foods on their garden. You do not have to worry about the unpleasant view of pet foods spread on your garden just to control weeds then you can always use the bagged corn gluten available in garden centers out there.

Corn Gluten Meal Weed Control
Corn Gluten Meal Weed Control


What is actually corn gluten and how does it look like? Corn gluten is actually produced by the process of corn milling. Also called as byproduct of the process, it is said to have less granular form compared to corn meal. The corn gluten used for herbicide purpose is usually in granulated or pellet form as you can easily find in garden centers. Amongst these two corn gluten forms, it is said that the powder corn gluten form is better since it can be absorbed more quickly.

Corn Gluten Application
Corn Gluten Application


There are a lot of people who have used corn gluten for weed control for years. Actually, this behavior is triggered by the invention of anti weed properties in corn gluten. In 1986, there is a researcher who came from Horticulture Department of Iowa State University named Nick Christians was doing a research of turf disease. At the time, he accidentally found the activity of corn gluten and its reaction toward weeds and fungi. After doing some researches regarding this matter, in 1991 Christians concluded that corn gluten was indeed useful to prevent the growth of weed. Since then people started using corn gluten as a solution of their weeds problem.

 Corn Gluten Application Rate
Corn Gluten Application Rate

Function and Advantage

The advantage and function of corn gluten in gardening and farming field is definitely significant. Corn gluten has a lot of functions that will definitely be beneficial to you. It can prevent the growth of weeds by dehydrating them once you have spread the corn gluten powder. Do not expect the corn gluten to directly kill the weeds once you have spread them because this is not the way they work. They will still help the weeds to grow but without roots so they will not be able to live longer after they grew.

There are several advantages you will clearly get from corn gluten. The first, corn gluten is claimed to be an herbicide that is totally chemical free so you do not have to be afraid of any chemical side effects that can possibly damage your plantations as well. In addition, corn gluten is also said to be very affordable as well so you can give your garden the best protection without spending too much money. It is not only herb friendly but also humans and environment friendly. Because of al those advantages, corn gluten for weed control is claimed as one of the best remedies you can get to protect your garden without causing any side effects in the process.

Garden Idea Pictures

If you are looking for a way to enhance your garden, it might be a good idea to find some garden idea pictures first. Designing your garden is not that difficult at all. Using a little bit of creativity, you can transform your garden into a beautiful garden which impresses your guests when they visit your garden. Getting some landscape idea pictures is a good starting point where you can transform and enhance your outdoor spaces including your garden. Designing your garden and making this area into a beautiful can be very rewarding among most home owners. It takes some extra work and you might want to have some good plans on what designs or ideas you are going to use. If you are stuck or have no idea where to start, let’s take a look at some cool ideas below.


Great Garden Decorating Idea
Great Garden Decorating Idea

Garden Ideas Pictures with Perennial Flowers


First, you may want to consider some simple ideas using a beautiful flower. Finding some kinds of flowers that you think will work best in your garden is the first step you should do. Next, you need to know the amount of water used to maintain your garden. Aside from water, the other aspect to consider is to maintain the levels of nutrients and sunlight. When choosing flowers to be used in your garden, you should know that there are some different flowers that will grow at different times. One good example is to use perennial flowers, they work great and are sure to make your garden look more interesting.  


Cool Garden Design Plans
Cool Garden Design Plans

Insects will do wonders as they can make your garden look more beautiful. It goes without saying that designing a garden can be very time consuming. However, the result is amazing once you apply some decorative items in your garden. Another great example is to go with a singular herb garden. There are some factors you need to know before creating a herb garden. The types of plant you are going to use will also affect the overall look of your garden. Knowing where to place your herb garden is the first thing you should do before going further. For example, formal garden herbs are often laid out like a wagon wheel with a statue or fountain and several herbs planted around the area.


Landscaping Garden Ideas
Landscaping Garden Ideas

There are also some popular garden designs that most home owners often use such as a Tuscan garden design, a tapering garden design, and an L shaped garden design. A Tuscan garden design use iron wrought benches as a key decorative element. The tapering garden design makes use of strong slops to achieve a unique and beautiful look. It doesn’t matter what design you are going to use, there are many ideas but several factors need to be taken into your consideration. Selecting the right type of plant you are going to use, deciding which garden design you want to apply and adding some decorative elements in your garden are some tasks you need to decide first. Overall, decorating a garden is a fun activity since there are many garden ideas pictures which can be a good source of inspiration.


Propagation Bulb Light

Whenever you start gardening you will actually need propagation bulb light because your plants will need to be grown well with the right light and the importance of providing optimal conditions for plants so they can be thrived and grown healthily can be understood by you as one of the growers or hobbyists. If your gardening project is the hydroponics propagation, it should be known by you that so many factors will determined the process of germination and your success or disastrous crop will definitely be determined by the absence of one element. Your seeds should be made sure to be germinated properly so your garden and plants can be grown healthily.

Cost for Propagation Bulb Light
Propagation Bulb Light Cost

Before we talk about the function of propagation bulb light which is important for your plants, water is more important and this factor should always be prioritized and all the water needed by the plant seeds will be soaked up so the germination can be started. When you have already concerned with the water uptake, there will be two things that should be focused on by you for the water. The first thing is the amount of water that is available to the seeds in the grow medium and the second thing is the thickness of the seed covering which are included in the important factors to be paid attention by you.

Quality of Propagation Bulb Light
Propagation Bulb Light Quality

You can easily increase the water uptake when a grown medium which is water absorbent is selected by you and the rockwool which is one of the most popular choices among hobbyists and gardeners can be selected by you, especially for you who are the starters. Moreover, the exterior of seeds can also be manipulated so they can be given with the better access to be watered. Also, their shell can also be sanded as one of the simple things that can be done by you or for more complicated task, they can be soaked in acid.

Functional Propagation Bulb Light
Propagation Bulb Light Function

The light is important for keeping and growing your plants well and you definitely need propagation bulb light, but before we turn to the light thing, your temps must also be watched meaning that a suitable temperature for seed to grown must also need to be kept. This may be difficult because different temperature requirements will be owned by different plants. However, for the propagation, the higher by a few degrees than ideal temps for seedlings can be used by you.

Purchase Propagation Bulb Light
Buy Propagation Bulb Light

If the plants like spinach and celery are included in the plants grown by you, the low temperature will be required by your plants. While for your cabbage, peppers and tomatoes, the temperature can be set medium. However, if the watermelons, pumpkins and squash are the ones planted by you, the high temperature is required so it can be set so.

Useful Propagation Bulb Light
The Use of Propagation Bulb Light

The last but also important to be known and prepared is the right and great quality propagation bulb light because the successful germination will also be determined by the bulb. White light will be produced by bulbs and you can use at this stage but you must change to colored lights when the seeds are getting more mature. Be successful in growing your hydroponic plants with the right steps!

Propagation Bulb Light Importance
Propagation Bulb Light Review

Winter Garden Benefits

For those who love gardening very much, planting and taking care of plantations is probably not mere hobby but it is usually treated as soul calming activity. However the cold and harsh days of winter season can be a little problem for passionate gardeners out there. Not to worry, in this modern era you can get beneficial winter garden tips that will enable you to do your favorite activity even on the cold and harsh weather of winter. Are you interested in knowing this matter better? Here are several winter garden benefits and tips you can read so you can continue gardening even during cold winter.


Winter garden is actually not only seen as an activity to spend your winter holidays at home. The most important benefit of this kind of gardening is for retrieving the lost of sunlight or sunshine during the snowy days. It is said that winter gardening will be able to warm our soul with their snow covered greeneries and also colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables.

With the help of those colorful plantations in your winter garden you can hardly feel the lack of sunlight in your life. Indeed, doing winter gardening is probably the best cure you can do to give your heart warmth you cannot get from sunlight on the snowy days. Furthermore, it is also said that winter gardening can be a very useful activity to improve your garden’s soil quality so it can be better for the following summer crop.


Planting Time

Benefits of Organic Winter Cover Crops
Benefits of Organic Winter Cover Crops

Knowing the winter garden benefits and tips is very important in winter gardening so you will not meet failure project. First of all, you need to acknowledge that winter gardening actually does not mean that you will literally plant in winter. Instead, winter gardening is actually about harvesting the plantations during the snowy days of winter season. The best planting time for winter garden is actually on the late summer days. This is very important because the plants will be strong enough to withstand the harsh weather of winter season. It will be much better if you know the first killing frost average date so you can have better planting plan.


Plants Selection

Government Benefits & Entitlements Winter Garden FL - government
Government Benefits & Entitlements Winter Garden FL – government

There are several plantation types that will be perfect to fill your winter garden. You can choose very wide varieties of vegetables and also ornamental plants. For example, you can opt for several vegetables that can withstand cold weather very well, they are collard, cauliflower, kale, escarole, cabbage, Brussels sprout, beet, and carrot.

Winter Gardening Greenhouse - Flower Garden
Winter Gardening Greenhouse – Flower Garden

It will be an advantageous in case you have a greenhouse since the controlled temperature will enable you to plant wider varieties of vegetables. Aside from vegetables you can also opt for ornamental plants if you want to add more colors to your winter garden. You can plant bright orange berries, rich red berries and also Firethorn to make your winter garden more colorful.


Planting Tips


Another important point in winter garden benefits and tips you need to keep in mind is that this type of garden needs more spacious space compared to regular garden. In addition, it s also be much better to plant them in raised beds since they can be heated faster this way.

Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs

If you want to gardening in your kitchen designs, everything is always allowed and a large plot should not need to be tilled on the family farm so that a kitchen garden can be created there because the clipping herbs can be enjoyed by every cook with a few feet of open ground for a delicious soup or the homegrown vegetables can be tossed into a salad. However, just like another common home improvement, the nice and thorough plan must be made so that everything can be run smoothly. If you want to know, some tips are shared below.

Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Ideas
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Idea

A spot that can easily be accessed from indoors can be looked for and at least six hours of sunlight can be received a day must also be prepared before a space as small as 3 feet by 2 feet can be found because one short row of herbs or salad greens will be held by the space. Another row of fresh produce can be allowed by each additional 18 inches in depth and the plants selected by you will determine this. Before starting gardening in your kitchen designs, what is wanted to be grown must be decided first and a mix of the herbs, fruits and vegetables enjoyed by you can be considered in your cooking.

Reviews of Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Reviewing

You can also grow herbs and greens as single specimens while you can pollinate the vegetables to fruit typically do better growing alongside two or three companions but it should also be known that multiple rows will be required by space hoggers like corn because a good harvest can be produced in the future. If you want to know about how cool-season crops like broccoli and warm-season crops like squash can be rotated best for your climate, the ideas offered by Renee’s garden can be checked out. Your space can be drawn so the graph paper can be scaled on.

Activity of Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Activity

Moreover, how many of your favorite plants that can be fitted will also be able to be determined and before you can be allowed to gardening in your kitchen designs, if the tallest plants are going to be grown, they must be planted along a side where the sunlight will not be blocked by them and if your garden is more than 4 feet deep, space for a path must be remembered to be created in the middle so the seed and harvest process can easily be done. About 2 feet of spacing will be required but you can plant some as close as 18 inches apart as long as they are pruned and harvested regularly.

Tips for Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Tips

However, your garden must always be maintained after planted and the earth can be loosened with a shovel and the weeds can be removed so the compost and organic matter can be added and the soil can be enriched. Your seeds or seedlings can be planted based on the package instructions. They can then be watered as they need.

Top Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Best Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs

The greens gardening in your kitchen designs can also be tried if the sunlight is too sparse and your plantings can be staggered so that they can be ready to be harvested. Do not underestimate yourself because you are inexperienced because you can get many experiences when you always try to do the best. Good luck and have a nice kitchen garden!

Easy Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Pretty Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs