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Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs

If you want to gardening in your kitchen designs, everything is always allowed and a large plot should not need to be tilled on the family farm so that a kitchen garden can be created there because the clipping herbs can be enjoyed by every cook with a few feet of open ground for a delicious soup or the homegrown vegetables can be tossed into a salad. However, just like another common home improvement, the nice and thorough plan must be made so that everything can be run smoothly. If you want to know, some tips are shared below.

Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Ideas
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Idea

A spot that can easily be accessed from indoors can be looked for and at least six hours of sunlight can be received a day must also be prepared before a space as small as 3 feet by 2 feet can be found because one short row of herbs or salad greens will be held by the space. Another row of fresh produce can be allowed by each additional 18 inches in depth and the plants selected by you will determine this. Before starting gardening in your kitchen designs, what is wanted to be grown must be decided first and a mix of the herbs, fruits and vegetables enjoyed by you can be considered in your cooking.

Reviews of Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Reviewing

You can also grow herbs and greens as single specimens while you can pollinate the vegetables to fruit typically do better growing alongside two or three companions but it should also be known that multiple rows will be required by space hoggers like corn because a good harvest can be produced in the future. If you want to know about how cool-season crops like broccoli and warm-season crops like squash can be rotated best for your climate, the ideas offered by Renee’s garden can be checked out. Your space can be drawn so the graph paper can be scaled on.

Activity of Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Activity

Moreover, how many of your favorite plants that can be fitted will also be able to be determined and before you can be allowed to gardening in your kitchen designs, if the tallest plants are going to be grown, they must be planted along a side where the sunlight will not be blocked by them and if your garden is more than 4 feet deep, space for a path must be remembered to be created in the middle so the seed and harvest process can easily be done. About 2 feet of spacing will be required but you can plant some as close as 18 inches apart as long as they are pruned and harvested regularly.

Tips for Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs Tips

However, your garden must always be maintained after planted and the earth can be loosened with a shovel and the weeds can be removed so the compost and organic matter can be added and the soil can be enriched. Your seeds or seedlings can be planted based on the package instructions. They can then be watered as they need.

Top Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Best Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs

The greens gardening in your kitchen designs can also be tried if the sunlight is too sparse and your plantings can be staggered so that they can be ready to be harvested. Do not underestimate yourself because you are inexperienced because you can get many experiences when you always try to do the best. Good luck and have a nice kitchen garden!

Easy Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs
Pretty Gardening in Your Kitchen Designs

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Renovation Challenge

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Renovation Challenge

Our home is the place where we feel comfort all the time. That is why many people are eager to make the best home and the most comfortable one so they can enjoy being in the house and interact with the other family members. The usual thing that people do with their home is to renovate and modify the things they don’t like from the house. But usually, this kind of thing will be very expensive and can drain the home owner’s budget. But you can actually get this very affordable by getting yourself into the better homes and gardens kitchen renovation challenge.

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Renovation Challenge

The Affordable and Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Renovation Challenge

The challenges that you will do in this activity will be divided into three types of job. They are the job to renovate the whole house, the renovation on the gardens and the modifying your kitchen to make it more beautiful. But the thing that you need to understand is that you are going to challenge yourself by doing it with only a very low budget.

The challenge that you can do with your bathroom on the low budget is to renovating the whole bathroom and renewing the old fixture in it. The tiles in the bathroom can be changed to something newer and more moderns, such as using mosaic forming tiles for the walls or the black and white tiles for the floorings.

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Renovation Challenge

Meanwhile, for the fixtures, you can uninstall the old ones and repainting them or sanding them to make them look new again. This will definitely save a lot of your budget and still make a great appearance for your bathroom.

For the gardens part of the better homes and gardens kitchen renovation challenge, you can choose to use the cheap and affordable yet high quality objects to be placed on the gardens. This is rather easy actually since most of the plants that you want to place in your garden will only cost you a little. But the real challenge is the things that you should put in the gardens, such as the table and outdoor chair.

For that, you can buy the pre-made wooden chair from the dealer in your local, but you can also make your own simple chair with a lower budget. This will be done easily by making the plan of the chair and buy some supplies to make the chair.

And the last part for this challenge is how to make the kitchen to look better than usual, and still with the low budget ideas. One of the ideas that you can do is to remake the kitchen island and the countertops.

The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to use the wood and put them on the old counter. You may need to screw them to make sure they will stay in the place. But don’t forget to always sand them to make them smoother and easier to use. And the last thing you may need for this better homes and gardens kitchen renovation challenge is to use the polyurethane liquid to cover the whole surface of your new countertops.

How to Sterilize Potting Soil

There are a lot of people who uttered a question: how to sterilize potting soil and what is the importance of sterilizing potting soil? If you have interest in this topic, it is recommended for you to read this article further. This article will give you several facts about sterilizing potting soil and also tutorial you can use to sterilize potting soil. Hopefully, the explanation is easy to understand and the tutorial is also easy to follow so you will not find any difficulties in the process.

 How to Sterilize Potting Mix
How to Sterilize Potting Mix

What is Sterile Potting Soil?

Sterile soil is actually a soil type that is clean and free from any pests. Therefore, this type of soil is said to be the bet choice of soil that will be perfect for your plant. Since this type of soil is sterilized then the price is also pretty higher compared to regular soils. Hence, sterile soil is usually used for small planting project such as potted plants. That is why, it is no surprising that it is later called as sterile potting soil.

Sterilize Potting Soil Oven
Sterilize Potting Soil Oven


There are a lot of people want to know the tips on how to sterilize potting soil on their own since it will be more effective and economical for them. The foremost thing you need to do is to prepare the ingredients and tools first. You will require an oven, meat thermometer, aluminum foil, roasting pan, potting soil and also fertilizers such as compost, manure and peat moss.

How to Disinfect Potting Soil
How to Disinfect Potting Soil

First Step: Preparing the Oven

After gathering the required tools and ingredients then you can start sterilizing your potting soil. First of all, you need to prepare the oven by turning it on to low temperature. It is suggested that you set the temperature to one hundred and eighty degrees so it will not be too hot.

Second Step: Mix the Soil

While you are waiting the oven to be heated perfectly, you can get the soil ready. In order to sterilize it, you need to mix the potting soil with peat moss and also compost or manure. Make the mixture moist enough so it will give a perfect result. The best indicator is to test it with your hand. If the mixture cracks a bit after you ball it with your fist, then the composition is perfect.

Sterilizing Dirt in Oven
Sterilizing Dirt in Oven

Third Step: Preparing the Soil before Baking

The next step you need to do after mixing the potting soil is to prepare it before putting it into the oven. Here you can place the mixture soil into the roasting pan you have prepared earlier. Make it as even as possible in no more than four inches depth using your hand. Afterwards, cover the roasting pan using the aluminum foil. Meanwhile, the thermometer should be stuck in the middle of it.

How to Sterilize Soil
How to Sterilize Soil

The Last Step: Baking Process

After those stages on how to sterilize potting soil above, the next step you need to do is to bake it. You need to bake the soil for thirty minutes in 180 degrees so you need to carefully check the thermometer once in a while to make sure that the temperature is right.

Organic Pesticides for Gardens

There are a lot of gardeners and farmers out there who have been annoyed by pests. This annoying trooper is indeed one of the most serious problems that can make them frustrated. Even though there are already a lot of trademarks that offer various pesticides out there but do you know which of them that are really safe for the vegetables and fruits in your garden? People these days do not trust the safety of their garden or farm products to chemical pesticides that can also be harmful. As an alternative, they start going back to organic pesticides for gardens that are said to be healthier and safer to use.

Organic Garden Insecticide
Organic Garden Insecticide

Actually, organic pesticides have been used since years ago by traditional people. Even though the effect it takes may not be faster and immediate compared to chemical pesticides do but organic pesticides definitely have very fewer side effects. Since this type of pesticides is made from organic or natural ingredients so it will be safer for your plantations. Indeed, eliminating the annoying pests from your garden is probably not an easy task to accomplish, especially if you do not want to risk your plantations by using chemical pesticides. Even though using organic pesticides are said to spend longer time but it is assured that your plantations will not be put in risk from any chemical side effects.

Organic Garden Insecticide
Organic Garden Insecticide

Spearmint and Hot Pepper Spray

The first idea of organic pesticides for gardens you can try is spearmint and hot pepper spray. This natural pesticide is very easy to make and also affordable as well. You can mix crushed hot pepper, green onion, and spearmint with water in a bottle spray. This is perfect solution for drawing away chewing insects. You just need to spray the whole body of your plants so the insects will not be able to touch it. As an alternative, you can also simply crush hot peppers and mix with hot sauce in order to prevent foliage eaters, such as dog, cat, and snail, from coming near to your garden.

 Natural Pesticides for Your Garden
Natural Pesticides for Your Garden


Tobacco is another potential solution if you want to eliminate various kinds of pests in your garden. Nicotine sulfate is said to be the first source of insecticidal and fungicidal in tobacco. There are two form of tobacco solution you can use to kill the pests. The first for is tobacco spray and the second form is tobacco dusts. If you want to eliminate worms or flies then you can simply dust the tobacco on the surfaces of your plantations. On the other hand, you can also use a mixture of tobacco and water that will be more efficient to kill underground pests, root lice, centipedes, and also fungus gnats.

 Organic Pesticide for Vegetable Garden
Organic Pesticide for Vegetable Garden

Herbal Extracts

Aside from tobacco and hot pepper, you can also try other organic pesticides for gardens that are made from herbal extracts. You can try Neem, which is derived from neem tree extract, that is effective to eliminate nuisance bugs, caterpillar and moths. Chrysanthemum extract named Pyrethin is also very potential in killing flying insects. As an alternative, you can also try Sabadilla lily extract that is said to be very useful in killing insects.

Fluorescent Growing Lights

Many home owners enjoy gardening at their own home. People who are familiar with gardening might know fluorescent growing lights. This lighting system has the ability to produce two to three times more light than traditional incandescent lighting system. Fluorescent growing lights can be affordable option for indoor gardening light. There are some aspects which you should consider when you are looking for the best fluorescent lights. These aspects are including the type of plants which you are growing, space available, and your budget. In finding the best lighting system, you need to consider where your plants grow in their natural environment and choose indoor lighting that mimics the outdoor lighting. You might see enthusiast indoor gardeners having some different types of fluorescent lights.

Use Fluorescent Growing Lights
Fluorescent Growing Lights Using

The first option for fluorescent growing lights is standard fluorescent lights. This type of lighting system is suitable for starting spring seedlings or growing cool weather vegetables. Some plants which are able to thrive under standard fluorescent lighting are including spinach, herbs, and leaf lettuce. If you are using standard lighting to grow plants indoor, you should keep the bulbs no more than 4 inches from the plans. Standard fluorescent tubes are stated to have 20,000 hours of average life span. If you compare it with incandescent bulbs, it is 25 times longer.

Helpful Fluorescent Growing Lights
Useful Fluorescent Growing Lights

Another option for fluorescent growing lights is full-spectrum fluorescent lights. The lighting system provides balance of cool and warm light. Based on Gardener’s Supply Company, full-spectrum fluorescent lights are the type which mimics natural light the most closely. The full-spectrum fluorescent tubes come with the ability to provide natural lighting. It is done by producing every color of visible light in the spectrum and a small amount of ultraviolet light. The lighting system is suitable for most plants. These are including seedlings, houseplants, and herbs. For your information, most full-spectrum fluorescent light is working to produce lighting which is similar in strength to sunlight at noon. If you want to purchase this lighting, you need to spend more money since it has more expensive price than standard fluorescent lights. It is able to last for approximately 24,000 hours.

Best Fluorescent Growing Lights
Get Fluorescent Growing Lights

You might also consider getting compact fluorescent lights as fluorescent growing lights. This lighting system can be considered as new development in fluorescent lighting technology. The company has designed compact fluorescent light with reflectors. The main function of reflectors is focusing the light of bulb towards the plant.

Purchase Fluorescent Growing Lights
Buy Fluorescent Growing Lights

Each inch of compact bulb surface is good source of light. Compact fluorescent lighting is suitable for propagation but it is also suitable to grow larger plants. You are recommended to use the lighting to grow various plants with different lighting needs. Compact fluorescent lighting has the ability to last for 10,000 hours. However, it is working more efficient so it draws less electricity.

Nice Fluorescent Growing Lights
Good Fluorescent Growing Lights

When you are looking for fluorescent growing lights, you should consider getting high output fluorescent lights. The light is also known as T5 fluorescents. The lighting system offers the ability to emit twice as much light as standard fluorescent lights. T5 fluorescent is highly recommended for tropical plants and in tight vertical spaces. The lighting is especially popular for indoor gardening since it is working to disperse light even over a large growing area. Commonly, the lighting is able to last about 10,000 hours.

Fluorescent Growing Lights Advantage
Fluorescent Growing Lights Cost

Home Depot Bulbs and Plants

As a grower or hobbyist, there must be many kinds of plants that are going to be grown by you either indoor or outdoor; Home Depot bulbs and plants are always connected each other so the grow lights will definitely be needed by you. The bulbs do not only need to be considered but also purchased and used because these kinds of lights or bulbs will always come in a variety of sizes and designs and you can use this so the plants can be grown indoors as well. Your plants need to be lightened with the right bulbs so one of the best lightings that can be trusted by you is the ones produced by Home Depot.

Top Home Depot Bulbs and Plants
Best Home Depot Bulbs and Plants

Before talking about the Home Depot bulbs and plants, the Lowe’s bulbs products are also the best and always highly recommended because both are included in the largest gardening departments and even simple reflector bulbs are also offered by them for grow lights for less than $10. If you have no time to go to some gardening departments, the grow lights are also offered and sold by some online shops just like Amazon and the grow lights are also sold by specialty gardening retailers. Even an emphasis on gardening is also offered by some of the suppliers while a variety of lighting options are focused on to be provided to the customers.

Cost of Home Depot Bulbs and Plants
Home Depot Bulbs and Plants Cost

The Home Depot bulbs and plants are important for your plants growth and the fluorescent tubes are highly recommended to be used as suggested by the University of Missouri Extension but the LED systems are also offered by some retailers. You do not have to worry about your plan to grow some plants indoor because you need grow lights, the lights can be found easily at a wide variety of retailers and some of them can also be got affordably. Home Depot can always be trusted so the quality is also guaranteed well.

Quality of Home Depot Bulbs and Plants
Home Depot Bulbs and Plants Quality

The best selection of grow lights or you may call them as bulbs and plants, will be offered by the suppliers so there is no need to worry about the quality and prices. However, it is still the best if you can buy them locally because more of a chance some questions to be asked related to the lights before they are purchased will be offered to you as their customers. Even if you have already been familiar with Home Depot bulbs and plants, some reviews which are available out there still need to be read by you so you can know better about the products.

Durability of Home Depot Bulbs and Plants
Buy Home Depot Bulbs and Plants

After getting to know every type of Home Depot bulb for your plants, some nurseries and gardening supply stores near your home can be visited by you because grow lights are easily to be found and you do not need to be confused with it. Besides Home Depot which is highly recommended, the Rion Greenhouse Super Fast Grow Light, an LED light source can be got at Walmart. You can use these grow lights for indoors and outdoors.

Purchase Home Depot Bulbs and Plants
Home Depot Bulbs and Plants Products

The Home Depot bulbs and plants are always related to each other because plants need the right light so they can grow well and healthily so you can be satisfied with what you have planted. Check some products of grow light out in some stores or online ones. Good luck for your gardening time!

Home Depot Bulbs and Plants Popularity
Popular Home Depot Bulbs and Plants

Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

Do you think that your house is lack of something even though you have already put various decorations? It means that you need to consider planting beautiful blooming houseplants at home so your home will look more colorful and fresh. The blooming houseplants are usually not only beautiful but also able to emit lovely fragrant as well so it will definitely give you double advantages. Below are several suggestions of blooming houseplants that will be perfect to decorate your house. You can choose one or some of them that can really match your requirement.

Flowering Houseplants-Top Choices for Easy Care Flowering
Flowering Houseplants-Top Choices for Easy Care Flowering



Jasmine is one of the commonest houseplants that can be easily found in a lot of people’s houses. Not only does it have beautiful white color but it also has lovely fragrance that can make the whole house smells great and fresh. It is also not difficult to grow jasmine and it is also not expensive so it is definitely one of the most effective choices you can have. If you want to plant jasmine you need to keep n mind that it is categorized as vines so you need to prepare a stake for it to grow on. In addition, it loves moist soil and also bright light so it will be better for you to plant it in a place with good access to sunlight.



10 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants
10 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

If you really want to add colorful and beautiful ornamental houseplant to your house then you better consider orchid. Even professional designers often suggest the homeowner to ad some pots of orchid so they can make the appearance of their house more beautiful. Orchid is known to have more than thirty thousand different species. Moreover, its hybrid versions are said to be broader and plenty. However, this type of beautiful blooming houseplants is known to be expensive and hard to grow. Even so, it is not a secret that the beauty of orchid is very exotic and can strongly lift up the beauty of the house.



Beautiful Blooming Houseplants
Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

Geranium is another recommendation of ornamental houseplant you can surely add to your house. Similar to jasmine, this beautiful houseplant is very easy to grow, even without any gardening skills or green thumb. Geranium does not only have beautiful forms in a wide variety but it is also fragrant as well. Furthermore, it is also said that geranium can repel mosquito as well, so it will definitely give you multiple benefits. Even though geranium loves intense light as jasmine does, on the other hand, geranium grows well in dry soil unlike jasmine.


African Violet

The last recommendation of beautiful blooming houseplants you can also take is African Violet. This houseplant is claimed to be one of the most popular blooming houseplants out there. People usually prefer this houseplant to any other types of houseplants since it is easy to handle. Moreover, it has beautiful violet flowers that will make a great combination with the green leaves, a perfect sight for your house. If you want to grow this African Violet, you need to keep n mind not to spray water to its leaves so they will not get brown sprouts.

Organic Fungicide Recipe

Mildews and fungi are two annoying troopers that usually disturb organic gardeners. Actually, there are a lot of manufactured products of fungicides that have been offered in the market out there. However, we all know that mostly products are synthetic fungicides that are made of chemical ingredients. It is indeed said that this type of fungicides can work faster at eliminating the fungi and mildews. Unfortunately, the left chemical cocktail of synthetic fungicides is also said to be responsible of possible health detriment for inhabitants and also environment as well. as a concern toward this circumstance, it will be better for you to opt for organic fungicide recipe that is safe and harmless.

Home Made Fungicide for Plants
Home Made Fungicide for Plants

Organic fungicide is actually not only safe and harmless for both inhabitants and also environment but it is also affordable and easy to make as well. You can simply make use of several household ingredients to make various recipes of organic fungicide. Probably, you have not known yet that there are several ingredients you can find in your home that contain antifungal features. Hence, this is the perfect time for you to learn further about this matter so you will no longer be frustrated over this problem. In this passage this time we have prepared several names of household ingredients you can possibly use to make organic fungicide recipe at home. Check them out!

Lawn Fungicide Recipe
Lawn Fungicide Recipe


Sulfur is always said as one of the oldest yet the best ingredients that have a great antifungal feature. Actually, sulfur is not used to kill fungi since it is not able to do so. You can only use sulfur to prevent the growth of fungi instead of killing the existing ones. Therefore, if you want to protect your garden from possible fungi attack in the future, it will be better for you to apply sulfur to your garden frequently so it will be well secured. You can opt for either powder or liquid sulfur that is sold in the markets. For easier and more effective use, it is suggested that you choose liquid sulfur since it will be easier and faster to absorb.

How to Make Organic Fungicide
How to Make Organic Fungicide

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another organic fungicide recipe you can also consider is made from apple cider vinegar. Indeed, apple cider vinegar is very famous because it has a lot of benefits and this fungicidal feature is one good example. You can mix a gallon of water with three to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to make an effective homemade fungicide. If sulfur cannot kill fungi and only used for prevention action, this apple cider vinegar recipe can definitely heal the affected plants you have in your garden.

Home Made Fungicide Sprays
Home Made Fungicide Sprays

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil can also be a great ingredient to make an effective organic fungicide recipe at home. You can simply get a bulb of garlic from your kitchen then mince it before mixing it with one to two oz of olive oil. You need to infuse this mixture for approximately twenty four hours in sunny location. Afterwards, you can mix the garlic with water in a spray bottle. Shake it first before spraying so you can get optimum result later on.

Botrytis Treatment

Botrytis is just one of many troubles you probably meet disturbing your calm and beautiful garden. Even though it may not be as extreme as pests but it is still annoying and disturbing. Not only does it annoy the gardener or the owner but it is also destructive and disadvantageous as well. Therefore, you definitely need immediate botrytis treatment that can save your garden. With proper treatments you can possibly get your infected plantations back to their healthy state and you can also do prevention action so you can keep your garden safe.

How to Treat Downy Mildew
How to Treat Downy Mildew

What is Botrytis?

Actually, botrytis is actually a disease, which is also called gray mold, that attacks plants. The cause of this plant disease is a fungus called Botrytis Cinerea. This type of fungus will attack the tender part of your plants. Usually, this kind of fungus will rapidly grow in high humidity condition. Hence, it will not be surprising that botrytis usually occurs after drizzle or high rain in an extended period. In the following discussion part you will get several facts about botrytis symptoms and treatments so you can solve the problem in the future.

How to Treat Botrytis Blight
How to Treat Botrytis Blight

The Symptoms

Before discussing about botrytis treatment or remedy, it will be better if we discuss about the symptoms of botrytis first. This is very important so you can immediately recognize whether your plants are infected by botrytis or any other diseases. By knowing the exact symptoms of botrytis then you will not make false alarm then later causes you to give false treatment as well.

The symptoms of plants that are infected by botrytis are pretty easy and clear. The affected area of the plants will experience wilting, discoloration and also spotting as well. Furthermore, if a flower bud is affected by this disease then it will not be able to open, instead, it will getting old and fade. The differences between the affected plant flower and the one that is naturally old is pretty visible. You can find out this difference by looking at the wilting and discoloration patterns. Naturally, the aging or browning process will start from the outer edges of the petals. On the other hand, those that are affected by botrytis will start from the inner edges first.

How Does Botrytis Blight Spread
How Does Botrytis Blight Spread

The Treatments

There are several botrytis treatments you can take to save your flowers. The first solution you can try is definitely fungicides. As it has already been explained before, botrytis or gray mold is caused by fungus, so the best treatment is to apply fungicides. It is preferably that you apply the organic or natural ones so there will be no side effects.

Another botrytis treatment that will be effective to help you solve this problem is actually preventive treatment. It has been explained that botrytis fungus grows in a condition with high humidity level, therefore you need to put your plants in a place with proper access for sun so you can keep the foliages dry. It is very important to keep the balance of fertilizer, water and sun, so you need to pay a good attention to this.

Organic 10-10-10 Fertilizer

For those who put a lot of passions and loves for gardening, then it is highly suggested that you read this passage further. This passage will mainly talk about fertilizer, organic 10-10-10 fertilizer to be specific. What is 10-10-10 fertilizer, what is the characteristic of this organic fertilizer and what is the specialty of it? all of those questions will be answered right on this post so you better read further if you really want to know about this matter more deeply.


What is 10-10-10 fertilizer?

10 10 10 Fertilizer Brands
10 10 10 Fertilizer Brands

The numbers 10-10-10 is actually representing the weight percentage of the fertilizer itself. We all know that organic fertilizer contains three essential ingredients; potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. The 10-10-10 numbers mean that the fertilizer contains equal presentation of weight, respectively. Under this revelation, it is no wondering why this composition of organic fertilizer is also called as balanced organic fertilizer. It is said that this type of organic fertilizer is very perfect for a wide range variety of plantations in your garden.


The Specialties

10 10 10 Fertilizer Prices
10 10 10 Fertilizer Prices

The specialty of this organic 10-10-10 fertilizer is as a fertilizer that will not only fertilize the soil of your garden but it will also balance its nutrition composition as well. With equal percentage of three essential components for your soil; ten percent of potassium, ten percent of phosphorus and ten percent of nitrogen, it is highly hoped that your garden soil will also be more fertile and balance as well. it is also said as a better composition for organic fertilizer for gardening, compared to other compositions such as 10-8-8 or 30-5-5 composition.


Even though this type of organic fertilizer is said to be perfect for any kinds of plants and herbs but it is also said to work perfectly for herbaceous plants, ornamental woody and also edible herbs. According to Best Organic Fertilizer, the 10-10-10 composition for organic fertilizer is the best composition for edible herbs or plants since it can make the plants and herbs healthier and richer of nutrition compared to those that are grown with organic fertilizer with 30-5-5, 10-8-8 or any other compositions.


The Main Use of 10-10-10 Fertilizer


Several types of plants that grow well with the help of this organic fertilizer with 10-10-10 composition are turf, grape vines and plum and grass. However, the main use of this fertilizer is actually not to help the plants grow directly but it is more like a fertilizer to balance the components of your garden soil. Some people think that organic 10-10-10 fertilizer is the same as 1-1-1 fertilizer. In fact, these two organic fertilizers are totally different since 10-10-10 composition has a hundred times more total composition of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Under this revelation, it is no surprising that 10-10-10 organic fertilizer is said to have greater result for your plants and herbs. However, it is said that the amount of each nutrient needed for a plant to grow is not that great. It means that the composition of the fertilizer is not the only aspect that determines the growth of your plantations.

Useful Idea in Garden

Gardening has become one of the most favorite activities among home owners. It is especially home owners who have large backyard at their home. Having a large backyard allows you to create your own garden. You are able to grow your own plants, fruits, and vegetables. If you are enjoying gardening activity, here is useful idea in garden which you can apply at your garden. The idea helps you to treat your garden well and grow the plants healthily. The most ideal situation is creating the garden which is not only efficient but also has aesthetic points.

Recommendation of Useful Idea in Garden
Recommended Useful Idea in Garden

The first useful idea in garden which is very popular among gardeners and homeowners is herb gardens. Herb gardens are suitable for home where kitchen becomes the center of your daily activity. Having the herb gardens allows you to grow your own herbs and use it in your recipes. There are many benefits which you can get by creating your own herb garden. The first benefit is growing organic herbs without using any chemical substance like pesticides. It is much healthier. You can also save money from purchasing the herbs in the market. Commonly, herb gardens have very formal design where people plant within different geometric shape. The gardens are commonly placed outside the kitchen door so home owners can have easy access to the herbs.

Useful Idea in Garden Review
Review Useful Idea in Garden

When you are looking for useful idea in garden, you might want to try rock garden. This idea is also very popular among home owners. If you are living in the area where rock can be found easily, you are recommended to go with this idea. Grow some plants between rocks and inside crevices. Some plants which are suitable for rock garden are including water lily tulips and cyclamen. If you are living in the area where rock is difficult to find, you can always import the stones. Some home owners intentionally import unique and rare stone to add the beauty in their garden.

Finding Useful Idea in Garden
Find Useful Idea in Garden

Another useful idea in garden is espalier. For who do not know, espalier is the art of pruning and training plants. It is needed to create the formal shape. To create the best espalier, you are recommended to grow pine or bamboo against a wall. Some plant options for your espalier garden are including plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, and pears.

Have Useful Idea in Garden
Get Useful Idea in Garden

Home owners who have small backyards do not need to worry. Home owners might find it is annoying when they have small space for gardening outdoor. You can trick the limited space by growing dwarf shrubs such as Japanese holly and azaleas. As another option for useful idea in garden, you can grow the vines with the help of space saving structure.

Using Useful Idea in Garden
Use Useful Idea in Garden

Before choosing any useful idea in garden, you need to make observation on your garden. If your backyard space is large enough, you might want to go with herb and rock garden. To find the best plants for your garden, you are recommended to consider the weather and soil condition in your backyard. Find inspiration from gardening magazines or websites.

Nice Useful Idea in Garden
Good Useful Idea in Garden

Sterilize Garden Soil

There are a lot of people who have not been familiar yet with the term of sterile garden soil. Actually, sterile garden soil is a term used in case the soil is clean and healthy from any kinds of pathogens and soil diseases. People have found several easy ways to sterilize garden soil you can do on your own at home. Typically, the steps used in sterilizing garden soil are not complicated and do not need professional materials and tools so it will not be a difficult task to do alone at home. Here, you can learn several names of garden soil sterilizing job you need to learn beforehand. Hopefully, this post can be a benefit for you and your gardening activities.


How to Sterilize Ground
How to Sterilize Ground

There are several elements of sterilizing garden soil you need to learn first in case you want to sterile your own garden soil at home. The first element you need to learn is soil solarization, the second is compost and the third is baking. Each of these elements is very crucial in the process of sterilizing your garden soil therefore you need to get to know each of them better first before prosecuting the main sterilizing job.


Soil Solarization

How Do I Sterilize Soil
How Do I Sterilize Soil

Soil solarization is very important if you want to sterilize garden soil in your house. This sterilizing process is very crucial in killing pathogens and nematodes in soils. Those are definitely the most dangerous bacteria that can possibly cause soil diseases to your plantations. We all know that the gardener will typically water their plantations and garden soils everyday. Typically, they will also put a clear plastic cover over their garden soils. Do you know what the use of this process is? This is actually the process of soil solarization that will be crucial in killing the soil diseases. The plastic cover will ease the sun light to warm the soils so it will have proper temperature that can kill the soil diseases.



According to botanical and soil experts, the temperature of a compost pile’s center is able to rise up to one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, under this revelation you can conclude that compost is also a potential ingredient that can kill the pathogens and soil diseases in your garden soil. You need to manage the compost pile correctly in order to effectively kill the bacteria in your garden soil. Otherwise, you can spread the soil diseases and pathogens instead when you did not manage the compost properly.


Baking Process

Sterilize Garden Soil
Sterilize Garden Soil

Another addition that is usually included to sterilize garden soil is to bake the garden soil using oven. Even though there are a lot of people who said that it is a smelly way to kill soil bacteria but it is still very effective and widely used in sterilizing garden soil. If you want to sterilize a small amount of garden soil then this way of garden soil sterilization will be the best decision. You can put the damp garden soils on a baking or roasting pan then bake it in one hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit.