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House Color Paint Charts

Painting your home interior or exterior can be done easily. Whether you are amateur or professional, you will be able to perform the painting project by your own. The most difficult process in painting project might be choosing the right painting. Before purchasing any painting product, you need to choose the color of your room’s theme. To help you to choose the color easier, you are recommended to get color paint charts. The charts are the collection of the paint color which is sorted according to their family color. Finding these color charts is easy since many companies offer these charts freely. One of the charts available in the market is House Color Paint Charts.

Best House Color Paint Charts
Find House Color Paint Charts

Using House Color Paint Charts allows you to compare various colors much easier. Paint charts offer all colors which are offered by the company. When you are planning to perform home improvement project, specific paint color is needed. To determine the best color for your home, you are recommended to consider some aspects. You might want to ask what kind of atmosphere which you want to get in your house. If you want to get warm atmosphere in your house, you can choose warmer colors such as orange, yellow, red, pastels, and much more. You can also have the option to create cool atmosphere in your house. Apply cool colors such as cool, green, lavender, and other cool coolers. After determining the atmosphere which you want, you are able to find the color with color charts much easier.

House Color Paint Charts for Interior
Interior House Color Paint Charts

There are some benefits which you can get by using House Color Paint Charts. Since the colors are already sorted according to the family color, it will be much easier for you to view all colors available. Comparing colors is also much easier. You will be able to know whether combining certain color with another color is a good idea or not. The chart also helps you to find the best monochromatic color combination.

Favorite House Color Paint Charts
Get House Color Paint Charts

You might be wondering how you can get House Color Paint Charts. These charts are available in official website of the company. You just need to browse the website to find the color charts. These charts have included all colors which are offered by House Color Paint. Checking all collections is now easy and fast. When you are using House Color Paint Charts from official website, you need to remember some things. The colors displayed on the computer might be different with the real painting color. The difference is not that significant but it is still different.

House Color Paint Charts Reviewing
Review of House Color Paint Charts

Because of this reason, it is better for you to check the colors at home improvement store close to your home. Some home improvement stores offers painting samples. Ask for these samples so you can try it at your own home. By applying the samples, you are able to see whether the color is suitable with your room size and atmosphere.

Good House Color Paint Charts
Nice House Color Paint Charts

You need to know that lighting also holds important role to determine the look of the painting color. Applying the sample allows you to know whether the color is suitable with your home lighting. After checking House Color Paint Charts, find the samples at home improvement store close to your home.

Exterior House Color Paint Charts
House Color Paint Charts for Exterior

Tips For Create A New Look For Your Bedroom In Minutes

Absolutely, bedroom is the loveliest room in your home, because you can do anything in your bedroom, even your privacy can be safe in your bedroom. And surely everyone want and even need a bedroom that have a nice atmosphere with beautiful decorate, so they will do anything for makeover their bedroom to get something different in their bedroom that can give them more comfortable. A matching bedroom set for a fraction of the cost can be created and the new look can together be pulled by an extra set of sheets.

How to Make a Room Look Clean
How to Make a Room Look Clean

If you have a plan to add more comfortable in your bedroom by creating it to get something different and result the new look and even your time can still be saved, the instruction steps below can be followed to help you complete or even realize your plan. so, let’s check this out!

How to Clean Your Room in Five Minutes
How to Clean Your Room in Five Minutes
  • The way you choose in to continue your work depends absolutely on the look you wish to achieve and the size and amount of your windows. The great thing about this work is that flat sheets that are already hemmed (great to position a curtain rod through) and a great array of fabrics and colors can be came.
  • And then, the bed that folding the sheet over the comforter should be made, so that you can display the sheet. And then, the second flat sheet should be draped or hung from a curtain rod.
  • And the next step you have to know is the sheet should be hemmed with an iron and fusible bond if the sheet is two long, hands, or machine, or a totally different approach can be used for it. The sheet over the rod should be hung to length wise, the appearance of a curtain and a valance can be created by folding the surplus over the rod. The lined up can evenly be kept by pinning across the sheet and enough space can also be allowed, so the curtain can be pulled to rod back through. Is should be sewed in a straight line across the fold that have been created, 2 inches of it should be approximated, so inserting the rod can be allowed by the room.
  • And the last tips you have to know is a second set of pillows cases should be taken for a more casual look, in half lengthwise should be made by cutting it and the top and the long way should be hemmed for the top and the bottom, a larger hem at the top in order should be left, so a valance that matches your sheet can be created.
How to Give Your Bedroom a New Look in Minutes
How to Give Your Bedroom a New Look in Minutes

When this look make you bored, the sheets have to be washed, and then the sheets should be folded and put away inside your pillow case, so the set that easier can be found next time. The matching trim on hem of both your flat sheet and curtain can be considered to sew if desired.

Modern Paint Scheme for the Bedroom and Kitchen

Modern Paint Scheme for the Bedroom and Kitchen

Painting is considered as one of the easiest ways to improve the beauty of your home. People love painting because it is not only easy but it is also beautiful. It can be seen that trend for painting keeps changing from time to time. Home owners used to apply more classical colors. These colors are involving more eccentric tone and some accents. This characteristic is different to modern paint scheme which is using more neutral and warmer colors. This modern paint scheme is a good option if you are planning to your bedroom and kitchen. Get simple tips and recommendations from this article.

Modern Paint Scheme for the Bedroom Decoration

In using the modern paint scheme on bedroom, you need to remember some things. You do not want to use the paint only to redecorate the bedroom and create better look but you also want to create more intimate and more comfortable look on your bedroom.

Modern Paint Scheme for the Bedroom and Kitchen

Modern painting scheme is more suitable for bedroom since it can create warm, interesting, and elegant look. Some colors which you can choose for bedroom area are including pale blue or sand yellow. You can use the colors as the main or base color for bedroom. The main color is applied on the main elements in bedroom. These are including the largest parts of the wall. Home owners are also using the color as the basic furniture color for bedroom area.

It is also a good idea to combine modern paint scheme with darker color accent. This color combination will create elegant shade in your bedroom. In choosing accent color, you should choose the color which matches well with main color. If bedroom area is dominated with pale blue color, it is better for you to use color of teal or grey as secondary or accent color. You can also combine sand yellow color with earthy brown on small parts of bedroom. The color combination is working effectively to maximize the beauty of the room.

Modern Paint Scheme for the Bedroom and Kitchen

Modern Paint Scheme for the Kitchen Decoration

If you are looking for modern scheme for kitchen area, you are recommended to choose paler colors. It is because paler colors help your kitchen to look sleek and clean. Another color option for your kitchen is beige or total white. In applying these neutral colors, you should play with countertops to add some decorations to the kitchen.

Home owners who are using white colors are recommended to combine the color with wooden countertops. This combination will create good balance in your kitchen. You also need to add second focal point in the kitchen beside the color itself. For home owners who are using beige color, add marble countertops to complete the design. Beige color will combine naturally with shining color of marble countertops. It is also important for you to add better decoration such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands. Choose the cabinets and kitchen islands which have darker colors.

You are able to find inspiration on modern paint scheme from magazine or internet. There are many options for modern paint color scheme available. When you are visiting home improvement store, you can also ask suggestion from the clerk store.


Valance Lighting Window Treatments

The strong sunlight which enters your room through window can be uncomfortable sometimes. Due to this reason, you might install valance lighting window treatments. Valance window does not only cover your window preventing strong sunlight entering your room but also adding beautiful touch to your room. Valance is available in many types starting from door window to hanging unit type. You are able to choose the valance according to type of door and size of window. Here are some simple tips and recommendations for your valance lighting window treatments.

Top Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Best Valance Lighting Window Treatments

It is necessary for you to choose the right valance for your window. You might want to choose window treatments like spring rods. Put the spring rods inside the window frame. To create a neat look, you might want to use the spring rod on top and bottom of the window since the edge needs to be sewn so the window can fit properly. Valance lighting window treatments will be good addition for home which has modern or contemporary style.

Favorite Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Popular Valance Lighting Window Treatments

Valance lighting window treatments are more recommended for contemporary home because commonly contemporary home has diagonal shape windows which match well with valance treatment. Since the treatment is kept in place by using spring rods, the users can apply the treatment effortlessly. You can also use the spring rods as a frame so you can create new window treatments.

Nice Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Good Valance Lighting Window Treatments

In creating valance lighting window treatments, you are recommended to try various fabrics, ribbons, and other materials. Find the valance which is suitable for your window. If you want to protect your privacy, you might want to use thicker material. Adding valance treatment allows the natural light to enter your room without making you uncomfortable. If you want to get the right valance treatment, you need to consider the window’s size and shape. Valance lighting window treatments are not the only option for your window. You might want to get half-arch window treatment if you have arch shape windows.

Perfect Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Great Valance Lighting Window Treatments

As another option, you can also use drapery or short curtains. It will be much better if you can hang the curtain longer than window diameter. You can embellish the curtain with strips of beads, ribbon, and other nice decorative materials. If you want to create beautiful valance lighting window treatments, you will need creativity and imagination. Some home owners are using traditional valance style window treatment for maintaining the classy feel.

Easy Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Simple Valance Lighting Window Treatments

Home owners can have the option to create valance lighting window treatments by their own or purchase it. There are many options available in the market. Before visiting the store, you need to take measurement of your window. Knowing the window’s size allows you to choose the best treatment easily. Some home owners prefer to create their own window treatment. It is because they can create the valance according to their need and preference. You are able to find the valance or drapery in any home design center. The price of valance varies widely depending on the materials used, colors, size, and much more. If you are looking for more affordable option, you are recommended to find discounted valance.

Sew Valance Lighting Window Treatments
Purchase Valance Lighting Window Treatments

Bedroom Color Schemes Beige

Bedroom Color Schemes Beige

Beige is actually one of the most used colors for the decoration of the house. This could be caused by the characteristic of this color that is not only gender natural, but also gives the warm and cool sensation to the walls in the house. That could be the reason why a lot of people favorite this color for the home colors, regardless of the theme for the house. And there are also many people who opt to choose the bedroom color schemes beige to make their bedroom looks better that ever before.

Bedroom Color Schemes Beige
Bedroom Color Schemes Beige

Choosing the Bedroom Color Schemes Beige

Choosing the beige for the bedroom is actually wise way to make the better look in the bedroom. The benefit is that you will not have to work very hard to actually harmonize the other colors that are already in the bedrooms. The neutrality of the beige will make every color to look to have harmony with the main colors. But there are actually some of the schemes that you can choose with the beige as the main colors. This will not change the main colors, but how you will choose the other colors that will be the secondary and the tertiary.

The first one is the traditional and rustic bedroom color schemes beige that will give you the natural and tradition look in the bedroom. This will be very good especially for those of you who really like the old school style in the house. With this scheme, you can paint the main areas of the bedroom with the color beige. And on the other parts of the bedroom, you can complete the paint job with the natural green or the sky blue. You can also make the better traditional scheme by making the bedroom to have the wooden made furniture including the bed and the cabinets.

The other thing that you can try to make is the masculine and feminine bedroom color schemes beige. This will only be suitable if you want to decorate the couple’s bedrooms, because you will combine the man and female color scheme in the one bedroom. You can do this by using the dark color on the one part and the bright girly color in the other side of the bedroom, along with the beige as the main color of the bedroom. Also, you can mix the fixtures that you use in the house. For instance, you can buy the metal cabinets for the husband and the stylish wooden one for the girl.

Bedroom Color Schemes Beige
Bedroom Color Schemes Beige

And the last one from the bedroom color schemes beige delicate and simple bedroom color schemes beige. This is the one that will be perfect for the pre teen girls as it will make the bedroom very cute and sophisticated. You can mix the usage of the beige and the pale pink on the walls and the other furniture in the rooms. It will still be good if you want to use the white color along with the other bright ones to make the better effects in the bedroom.


How to Buy Quality Furniture


When it comes to getting the best type of furnishings for your home, you don’t to want to go to the inexpensive route. Sure, you could always look into this, but when you realize the horror stories that others have tried to warn you about are in fact true, you will never go back to low quality options. If you’re serious about finding a quality furniture store and absolutely want to avoid having to replace items in a short span of time, you have to look at how to identify quality versus something that will only fall apart and pretty quickly. The following tips will help you get the best options available today.


First and foremost, check out real brick and mortar furniture stores – especially those stores where the furniture is not RTA (Ready to Assemble), which you have to assemble yourself. Usually, this type of furniture is inferior when it comes to not only quality but longevity as well. Big box furniture chains deliver and set up furniture when you purchase from them but you are more than likely not going to find specialty items in them. Smaller stores, especially those where customization is the norm, is the way to go. When big chains offer 3 day or less delivery of most orders, the way you see it on the showroom floor is usually the only way it’s offered. Mass production is their motto and that more often than not means substandard quality as well as options.


Aside from having custom options, consider the raw materials used to make the furniture you are interested in. Soft woods like pine don’t offer better longevity and strength like hardwoods such as birch, maple, or ash. Furniture can easily be made out of particleboard as the only building component and that means that you will not get the most out of your furnishings. You want solid woods, metal, and steel. Veneer over MDF or even over particle board is not necessarily that bad. Veneers over hardwoods are just as good. Solids, however, are better and the price will usually reflect that.
The easiest way to spot whether or not something is made of quality materials is to test it out for yourself. Touch it, feel it, and/or sit on it if it’s a sofa or any other part of a living room set. Feeling for imperfections, putting your weight on it, and making sure that it’s not going to fall apart before it is actually brought into your home can be helpful in the long run. When in doubt, ask a few questions to find out the origins, construction materials, and construction methods used.


Ask about the warranty that the actual manufacturer offers. Many stores also offer additional warranty options. Usually those are called protection plans that span 5 years or some even 10 years. It’s basically insurance for everyday mishaps that may occur like spills, stains, scratches, cuts, etc. And they really do work.
There’s a common misconception that if you look for things that will last, you will have to pay a lot more, and that’s not necessarily the case. You can find affordable items that are well built and are not going to break apart within a few months of purchase, but you will need to do a little bit of searching. Don’t opt for big box retailers that have you in a maze of items but rather seek out quality furnishings from people that care – from stores where the sales reps are not mere “order takers” but actually know their stuff. Look for stores where their employees can actually sit down with you, take their time, and figure out the custom options that you need to realize the variety of inspiring possibilities. Big box stores can’t provide that because that is not their niche.
This post was written by Tony Z. on behalf of, which specializes in customizable home furnishings.

Cheap Design Ideas

Interior design improvement is highly important for your home. The project is useful to add new and fresh touch to your dull and worn out home. Many people are mistaken by thinking that interior design improvement should be big and luxurious. This is not necessarily true since you can create beautiful home by using cheap way. Home owners are recommended to use cheap design ideas to improve the beauty at their home without spending too much money. Some cheap ideas for improving your home are including painting, adding decoration, and much more. Here are some tips on cheap design ideas which you can apply at your home.

Interior Cheap Design Ideas
Cheap Design Ideas for Interior

In finding the best cheap design ideas, the first thing to do is determining what you need from your home improvement project. Make observation on your home. In some cases, your wall might get dull after sometimes. To add new and fresh touch to your wall, painting project can be the best option. Painting is not only affordable but it is also easy to do. Whether you are beginner or professional in DIY project, you will be able to do it by your own. Painting can add new atmosphere in your home immediately. To perform this project, you just need to spend money for purchasing painting product, roller, brush, and other small tools which might be already available in your home. Painting can be performed in various ways. Each way will bring different result. Find inspiration in many magazines and websites.

Cheap Design Ideas Recommending
Recommended Cheap Design Ideas

When you are purchasing the painting products, you need to consider some aspects. Choose the color which matches with the room’s size, your personality, and the theme of the room. You do not need to stick with single color. In painting, it is recommended for you to combine some colors. The first color will be used as the main colors while the second color will be used as the accent colors.

Nice Cheap Design Ideas
Good Cheap Design Ideas

If the room already has certain theme, it is better for you to find the color which matches well with your theme. Avoid choosing the color which does not match with your theme. It will ruin the look and there is a possibility to replace the painting to match the existing furniture. If you need to replace the color, it means you need to spend more money. Tips on cheap design ideas suggest you to consider the existing furniture and decoration in your room.

Easy Cheap Design Ideas
Simple Cheap Design Ideas

Painting is not only cheap design ideas which can be applied to wall area. You can also have the option to paint your furniture. If you have wood furniture which is getting dull and worn out, you are recommended to repaint the furniture. You are able to find the wood painting available widely in the market.

Top Cheap Design Ideas
Best Cheap Design Ideas

Another option of cheap design ideas which you can apply at your home is adding decoration. Add unique touch to your home by adding some decorations. You are recommended to organize your items. You will be surprised to see the change in your home design after organizing items. Find good storage system to keep your items organized.

Favorite Cheap Design Ideas
Popular Cheap Design Ideas

Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply

Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply
Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply

Tips for Decorating a Guy’s Dorm Room Cheaply

Let’s face it. Guys don’t usually have the proficiency that women do when it comes to interior decorating. When people hear the words “men” and “college dorm decorations” images of half-eaten pizzas and moldy gym socks spring to mind. This lack of aesthetic inspiration in the dorm room has some serious drawbacks for maturing young men. Even when guys do clean up their apartments they’re often so poorly decorated that even the nicest living situations can look dingy and uninspiring.

Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply
Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply

Fortunately, even for the starving college student there are some easy tips for decorating a guys dorm room cheaply. By following a few basic principles of interior design, a man can do wonders for his study habits and his social life. After all, there is nothing unmanly about being proud of one’s living space. Here are a few things to keep in mind when sprucing up a dorm room on a dime.

Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply
Tips for Decorating a guys Dorm Room Cheaply

1. Get acquainted with the rules

Every dorm room has different rules when it comes to decorating. Before you get started, check with the building supervisors. They’ll let you know exactly how much customization is allowed for each unit.

2. Choose some colors


Another one of our tips for decorating a guys dorm room cheaply is choosing a color scheme. This will have a major influence on the feel of the space. Usually keeping the colors organized has minimal effect on the price tag of decorations because it doesn’t change which items go in a room as much as which color option you buy those times in. For example, when choosing your bedding, see if there is a color option that fits in your color scheme. There are great websites to help you choose a color scheme that fits your personality like or


3. Go easy on the walls

Let’s face it, posters are cheap and they can have guy-friendly art. But it’s easy to go poster crazy. Without some prudence a dorm room can turn into an adolescent’s bedroom. Consider other hanging options as well. For example, hanging an interesting 11×17 photo print may be even cheaper than getting a poster and offer a distinct personal touch to the room. If the room is really small consider finding a used mirror to make it feel bigger. Whatever you decide to hang on the wall, check out some framing options to really make that poster or photo look intentional and thought out.

4. Go green

Plants are a great and inexpensive way to make a dorm feel comfortable. Heading over to a nursery and finding a live plant will do wonders for a room. Just be sure to water it.

5. When in doubt, DIY

When it comes to finding cheap artwork and furniture sometimes the MacGyver approach is the best way to go. Instead of buying all your college dorm decorations hop online and see if there are some easy DIY tutorials that strike your fancy. Making some stuff yourself will give you a sense of industry, satisfaction and pride.

Blind Ideas for French Doors

Blind Ideas for French Doors

French doors are actually the name for the patio doors that are hinged on the framed, which will swing both to the inside of the outside of the rooms. This kind of door is mainly used for the backdoor of the house that will lead to the garden or the backyard. But many people also use the style of the French doors for their windows, especially the windows in the bedroom and the living room. And the treatment that they frequently used to make them more beautiful is using the blind ideas for French doors.

The importance of the blinds for the treatments is to see the other things that you have near the doors and match the blinds that you are going to use with them. For instance, if you have small and mini fixtures that you have in the rooms, it will be the best if you also use the small cut blinds with a lot of slides on the doors, because it will make the whole room looks very cute and sweet, especially for the living room or the girls’ bedroom.

Blind Ideas for French Doors

And you also need to see the coloring that you will be using for the blind ideas for French doors. Usually, you will need to match the color of the blind with the rooms that you installed the French doors at. If you use the green colors scheme for example, the white and neutral color scheme for the blinds. But if you use the neutral colors for the walls in the room, the brighter color for the blinds will be a lot better.

The Simple Blind Ideas for French Doors

Aside from the colors and the matching of the blinds, the types of the blinds are also very important for the blind ideas of French doors. And the thing is that there are many types of the blinds that you can use which will offer their very own kind of characteristic. Therefore, you will need to choose them based on your preference and the condition of the room itself.

The first idea that you can use is the rolling clothe blind for the French doors. This one will look like a rolling blind which will be made from the linen. The advantage from using this is the modern look from the blind that will affect the look of the French doors. Also, there are a lot of colors variations that you can choose to match with the rooms.

Blind Ideas for French Doors

If you have the room that was made mainly from the wood material or you have the room that is dominated by the wood colors scheme, the wooden shutter blind will also be good for you. This kind of blind ideas for French doors is just like the usual shutter blind, but they are made from the wooded material. The unique form and the colors is the sure thing that you will get from this thing. Also, it will make the whole condition where you feel like you are in the middle of the green forest area.

Kwal Most Popular Colors

There are so many brands of paint colors that have the great quality and they are even often recommended and used by most homeowners and one of the popular paint colors that can be used by you is Kwal and with Kwal most popular colors options, your home can be made more beautiful. Perhaps, some of you have already known some popular colors offered by Kwal but some of you may have not known yet about the Kwal paint color chart and what best colors are usually offered. However, for you who have just known it, the Kwal paint colors can be started to be chosen so your house can be decorated nicely.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Charts
Kwal Most Popular Colors Chart

The Kwal most popular colors can be seen from its color charts and the design of the color wheel will be the best solution so the color schemes for your interior and also exterior home improvements can be helped to be decided. Do not worry if the color chart concepts can be understood simply because they are easy to be understood and even the various colors divided into three parts—primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors—are usually constituted. That the primary colors are blue, red and yellow can even be seen clearly from Kwal paint color chart.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Using
Use Kwal Most Popular Colors

People call them as primary colors because they cannot be created if another color is not mixed with other colors and they are the ones that people often use so that other various colors can be produced so this is the reason why people call them as true colors. If you already know the three parts of color offered by Kwal paint color chart, the Kwal most popular colors can then be decided by you. So, after the primary, the secondary colors should be known by you like violet, orange and green.

Top Kwal Most Popular Colors
Best Kwal Most Popular Colors

After the primary and secondary colors, the tertiary colors should also be understood by you because the colors are also able to be seen on Kwal paint color chart and you can usually create the tertiary ones when one secondary color can be mixed with one primary color. Therefore, some tertiary colors can be got from the combination red-violet, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, red-orange, and blue-violet. You can also be helped by the Kwal paint color chart so Kwal most popular colors and the best ones can be chosen for your house decoration, either it is interior or exterior.

Finding Kwal Most Popular Colors
Find Kwal Most Popular Colors

Various color combinations are also defined by this paint color chart which is more suitable with other colors in their family colors and if you love color combinations, these can be used by you for decorating your home. The most perfect color combinations can be decided by you for your every room because the different sense of moods can be created by each combination. However, the right combinations and the balanced ones must be able to be selected.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Recommendations
Recommended Kwal Most Popular Colors

If you want, some color combinations that the sense of warm and inspiriting moods are given to your room are also offered by the Kwal most popular colors. Wherever the room that is going to be painted and decorated, do not forget that Kwal can always give you the best colors. Hopefully, the best and most satisfying results can be achieved by you.

Ideas for Kwal Most Popular Colors
Kwal Most Popular Colors Ideas

Top Paint Colors For Kid’s Bedroom

Painting the bedroom of our kids is actually not a difficult task to do. Unlike adults, there are plenty choices of top paint colors for kid’s bedroom you can surely take. Children are easy to match with any colors since their personality is still dynamic and full of emotion. Therefore, it will not be a hard task to decide what color that suits them the most. In this discussion session this time we are going to learn several paint colors that will be perfect for your kid’s bedroom. Each color theme represents different characteristic so you need to read well before deciding.



Top Paint Colors For Kid’s Bedroom
Top Paint Colors For Kid’s Bedroom

Blue is definitely a perfect color you can use for either boy or girl’s bedroom. Whoever says that blue is only meant for boys then you should not listen to her or his old fashioned way of thinking because blue nowadays is open for both genders. Professionals said that blue colors can be used as either primary color or complementary color. According to the psychological meaning of color, blue is a color that represents calmness and contentment. Therefore, if you want to create calming and soothing atmosphere to your child’s bedroom then you can try painting it in blue.



Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Kids Bedroom
Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Kids Bedroom

Even though blue nowadays is no longer gender biased, however, pink color is still cannot lose its feminine feature. Indeed, you can see there are a lot of boys out there who are no longer afraid of wearing pink shirt or stuffs, even so, painting their room in complete pink color is probably still too much for them. Pink color still carries that soft and feminine feature that is definitely not a matching characteristic for boys. Instead, it is considered as one of the top paint colors for kid’s bedroom that will perfectly suit a baby girl’s bedroom. The soft and pink color will complement the cuteness and softness of your baby girl.



If your kid loves adventure and anything related to nature, then you can consider choosing green color as the main color theme of his or her bedroom. The main advantage of this natural color is that it is easy to mix and match with other colors. For example, you can combine it with yellow colored furniture to create brighter and energizing mood. On the other hand, you can also combine it with brown color in case you want to make the bedroom feels calmer and warmer. It is said that green color, either as accent color or primary color in the bedroom, create relaxing mood that will promote your kid a good night’s sleep.



Children's Bedroom Paint Colours - Colors for Children
Children’s Bedroom Paint Colours – Colors for Children

Aside from the previous top paint colors for kid’s bedroom you have read above, purple is also considered as one of the best options. According to the term of Chinese Feng Shui, purple color reflects water element in life. In addition, it also represents wealth so it means that purple is full of positive aura that is also good for your kid. For your kid’s ultimate growth, you can combine purple color with yellow or green so you can get them a perfect color combination with positive aura.


Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

There are many paint colors which you can choose for your home area. One of the most popular options among many home owners is burgundy color. Your home can look more elegant by using burgundy color in walls. Painting your wall with burgundy will make bold statement. If you are applying burgundy color on your wall, your walls will influence your choice in furnishings, accessories, and window treatments. Burgundy will be good contrast to boring neutral walls or earth tones used throughout a house. You can have the option to paint the drywall or plaster in burgundy color. However, it is more recommended for you to install burgundy wallpaper which is heavily textured or embossed with attractive design. Read home interior books and magazines to get decoration ideas with burgundy walls.

Top Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Best Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

In finding the best decoration ideas with burgundy walls, you should consider using sharp contrasting color. Many tips on home decoration recommend you to create the right color contrast for burgundy walls. You might apply stark white for crown molding or baseboards in the room. Burgundy walls combined with white window frames, white blinds, and white flooring is one of the most popular designs chosen by many home owners. You might want to try other color combinations. To try the color, you can simply draw your room with colored pencils. Other combinations which are popular among home owners are including burgundy walls with cream or light yellow trim.

Favorite Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Popular Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

Tips on decoration ideas with burgundy walls also recommend you to design the window décor. After finding the right combination for your walls, you are recommended to find the best window treatments. You might want to install parchment-colored drapes with the touches of burgundy in a bedroom. As another option, you can use gold silk drapes. You need to design the walls, trim, and window treatments before moving to plan the furniture and accessories in any room. You also need to determine whether you want to paint only one or two walls burgundy and other walls by using lighter color like gold after considering your window treatments.

Neat Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Cool Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

The next step in determining decoration ideas with burgundy walls is installing upscale furnishings. You should use high quality furniture in the room. A good combination in your room can be achieved by painting the dining table with dark brown color. If you still do not get any furniture for your room, you can purchase furniture which has dark cherry finish. Burgundy brings elegant touch to your room. Due to this reason, you are recommended to get high quality furniture. You should avoid using cheap pine or laminated materials for your burgundy room. Mahogany wood and good mahogany stain on unfinished wood is more preferable.

Good Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Nice Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

When you are determining decoration ideas with burgundy walls, you are recommended to plan a good color scheme. You need to create the accent colors which refine the overall look. Some home owners plan to paint burgundy color on one wall area before using lighter lime green paint on other three walls.

Amazing Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Perfect Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

For your burgundy living room, you might use gold throw pillows on cream colored sofa. You are able to create masculine touch with burgundy color. For bedroom area, you can use rich brown colored bedspread and taupe upholstered chairs if you are using burgundy color. Add red throw pillows for accent color on the bed and chairs. Find decoration ideas with burgundy walls which match with your need and preference.

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