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Bathroom Design Concept

Cheap Design Ideas

Interior design improvement is highly important for your home. The project is useful to add new and fresh touch to your dull and worn out home. Many people are mistaken by thinking that interior design improvement should be big and luxurious. This is not necessarily true since you can create beautiful home by using cheap way. Home owners are recommended to use cheap design ideas to improve the beauty at their home without spending too much money. Some cheap ideas for improving your home are including painting, adding decoration, and much more. Here are some tips on cheap design ideas which you can apply at your home.

Interior Cheap Design Ideas
Cheap Design Ideas for Interior

In finding the best cheap design ideas, the first thing to do is determining what you need from your home improvement project. Make observation on your home. In some cases, your wall might get dull after sometimes. To add new and fresh touch to your wall, painting project can be the best option. Painting is not only affordable but it is also easy to do. Whether you are beginner or professional in DIY project, you will be able to do it by your own. Painting can add new atmosphere in your home immediately. To perform this project, you just need to spend money for purchasing painting product, roller, brush, and other small tools which might be already available in your home. Painting can be performed in various ways. Each way will bring different result. Find inspiration in many magazines and websites.

Cheap Design Ideas Recommending
Recommended Cheap Design Ideas

When you are purchasing the painting products, you need to consider some aspects. Choose the color which matches with the room’s size, your personality, and the theme of the room. You do not need to stick with single color. In painting, it is recommended for you to combine some colors. The first color will be used as the main colors while the second color will be used as the accent colors.

Nice Cheap Design Ideas
Good Cheap Design Ideas

If the room already has certain theme, it is better for you to find the color which matches well with your theme. Avoid choosing the color which does not match with your theme. It will ruin the look and there is a possibility to replace the painting to match the existing furniture. If you need to replace the color, it means you need to spend more money. Tips on cheap design ideas suggest you to consider the existing furniture and decoration in your room.

Easy Cheap Design Ideas
Simple Cheap Design Ideas

Painting is not only cheap design ideas which can be applied to wall area. You can also have the option to paint your furniture. If you have wood furniture which is getting dull and worn out, you are recommended to repaint the furniture. You are able to find the wood painting available widely in the market.

Top Cheap Design Ideas
Best Cheap Design Ideas

Another option of cheap design ideas which you can apply at your home is adding decoration. Add unique touch to your home by adding some decorations. You are recommended to organize your items. You will be surprised to see the change in your home design after organizing items. Find good storage system to keep your items organized.

Favorite Cheap Design Ideas
Popular Cheap Design Ideas

Ideas for Bathroom Walls You’ll Love

For home owners who wish to decorate their bathroom then there are some excellent ideas for bathroom walls to consider. Your bathroom should be comfortable while maintaining its main functionality. So if you wish to transform your bathroom into something that is more beautiful, there are some things you can do with your bathroom walls. While some people think that choosing decorations for the bathroom walls is not an easy task, there are some tips which will help you decorate your bathroom walls. Let’s read the rest of this article and see how you can transform and redecorate your bathroom walls.

Modern Tiles for Bathroom Wall
Modern Tiles for Bathroom Wall

Ideas for Bathroom Walls – Pick the Right Theme

There is a solution for homeowners who wish to design their bathroom in an elegant and simple way. It doesn’t have to be expensive, using a little bit of creativity and imagination, it is possible to have a bathroom that is beautiful and comfortable. Bathroom tiles are available in various designs thus you have more options on which design you are going to apply for your bathroom. Just in case you have no idea where to start, the best place to gather ideas for your bathroom walls is to search more information online. Picking a theme for your bathroom is the first task you need to consider before going further. There are some popular themes that you may like such as rustic, frog, fish, country, Disney, Tuscan and many more. Once you have decided what theme you should use for your bathroom, it would be a lot easier to decide what furniture or items that should be available in your bathroom.  

Elegant Bathroom Designs
Elegant Bathroom Designs

Finding The Right Décor

As mentioned earlier, the next step after you have decided which theme to use is to find the right decor that best suits with your bathroom wall. The following are some ideas you can use for your bathroom wall décor:

  • Hanging pictures would be a great idea as it can give a pleasant feeling. Keep in mind to hang pictures that you love the most.
  • Lighting also plays an important role thus you need to consider choosing the best bathroom lighting, the most popular ones are yellowish light and white light.
  • If you want to add beauty for  your bathroom walls then bathroom tiles would be the best choice. There are many choices to consider thus you need to some research first before picking the right bathroom tiles.


Beautiful Ideas for Bathroom Walls
Beautiful Ideas for Bathroom Walls

In addition, there are also other accessories that can be added so that you can add beauty for your bathroom walls. As mentioned earlier, bathroom tiles do a great job when you want to add beauty for your bathroom walls. There are some nice choices to consider such as large, rectangular shaped tiles, scattered coloring tiles and different patterned tiles. Some homeowners also love using plain white colored tiles, they are quite simple but look great for your bathroom walls. Overall, these are some ideas for bathroom walls that you can consider, take some time and decide which ideas that best suit with your style and budget.

Tips and Steps on Replacing the Faucet Stems


The faucet stems are the thing that controls the flowing of the water inside of the faucet. It is the thing that will make it possible for you to turn the faucet on and off. Therefore, this kind of thing is very important so you can use the faucet perfectly. And even the smallest leak on the stem will bother the usage of the faucet as it will not stop to flow the water out. And you will have the problem of the weak stream of water if the stems are broken. The repairing of this thing is very important so you can use the faucet back normally.

How to Repair and Replace the Faucet Stems

First of all, you will need to cut the flows of the water to the pipe that connects to the faucet. This will make it possible for you to remove the faucet stems without the issue of the overflowing water from the pipes. You will also save the water from being thrown away vainly. You can do this by temporarily remove the water connection from the main source of the water.


The next thing is to remove the faucet along with the handles from the place they are situated. Most of the faucet will be able to be removed easily by rotating the faucet clockwise on the place. This will separate them with the pipe. But if the faucet is put in the pipe with the nails, use the help from the screw drivers to remove them.

After separating the faucets from the pipe, you will be able to see the faucet stems inside of the faucet. They will usually be placed in the place with the tiny nails that make them hard to remove. You will be able to get them off with the perfect sized wrench and replace the stems.

Then, you can place the faucet stems on the previous place if the faucet is still good. If the faucet is also broken, make sure that you replace it as well with the new one. This will prevent you from getting the further and more severe problem on your watering system.

The final step after replacing the faucet stems is to place the faucet back to its place tightly. Make sure that they are perfectly placed to avoid the leakage of the water. Then you can connect the pipe with the main source of the water and check them if the faucet works perfectly.


Tips on Replacing the Faucet Stems

The stems in the faucet are very important thing and they are very easy to be broken. This will not be good especially for you who have the high priced faucets. Make sure that you always check the condition of the faucet before replacing with the new one.

Also, the higher the quality of the stems, the higher their price will be. But you can actually trick this by looking for the used faucet stems that still have the great quality. Many hardware stores offer this kind of thins and finding them is the only job you will need to do.

Small Bathroom Floor Remodel

Small Bathroom Floor Remodel

Small space for the house will likely to make you only have a small bathroom in it. This could be a problem if you don’t have any idea how to decorate the small bathroom so you still can use it comfortably. But greatly, the perfect and suitable ideas for the small bathroom floor remodel can really change the way you see your bathroom. From the time that you spend only a few minutes in the bathroom, you can now enjoy them more in the comfortable and beautiful new small bathroom.

Unique Ideas for the Small Bathroom Floor Remodel

The small bathroom will indeed leave you only small space for the creation and the decoration. Therefore, you will not have the ability to decorate it the way you usually decorate the other rooms in the house. But this will also make you more creative and use your thinking even more. And here are some of the creative and unique ideas that you can get for the flooring in the small bathroom.

Using the continuous color for the small bathroom floor remodel is a very good idea. The continuous color means that you will use the same color for the flooring and the walls. Therefore, the first things you will need to see is the color of the walls in the small bathroom and follow the color that you can do to the flooring. The benefit of this thing is the illusion that will make the small bathroom to look larger and more spacious. So, you will not feel you are being trapped inside the small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Floor Remodel

Some people also use the natural stones for the flooring in the bathroom. This kind of flooring is a little bit different with the usual tiles, because you will not see the connection between the pieces of the natural stones like you will see on the tiles. Therefore, you can see the larger visual effect of the flooring. Also, the color of the natural stones has the gradient which will look very artistic in the small bathroom.

If those things can’t meet with the thing that you want for the small bathroom floor remodel, using the mosaic flooring tile can be a very good solution for your small bathroom. This kind of thing will use various colors of the tiles which are put in no particular order. As the result, you can see the colorful colors on the small bathroom floors which will make you love your house even more. But the thing is that they will be harder to be installed than any other kind of small bathroom flooring as you need to put the pieces one by one.

Small Bathroom Floor Remodel

But whichever the design and the ideas for the small bathroom floor remodel, always remember to put it lightly and never do it overly. The design of the flooring that looks too much will also make the small bathroom, which already has a very limited space, to be more stuffed and uncomfortable.

The Potential Part of Floor Bathroom Time to Remodel

Floor bathroom tiles – The floor actually is one of the most important things that needs to be considered when you want to build a home including choosing the right floor material for your bathroom. The right way to choose certain floors will be potential actually to get some advantages including save to step on the floor. It’ll be right to choose certain floor like marble before deciding to make a deal for choosing certain marble for your floor bathroom. There are so many choices actually and you can choose as you want and interest, even it’ll be right to consider about the safety products.

Protecting your Remodeling Investment
Protecting your Remodeling Investment

The bathroom is an integral part of a dwelling in certain home. Without the bathroom, of course the residents will feel hassles to clean the body as an important activity in daily life. In addition, a comfortable bathroom is a necessity for many people, including you, because the activity itself is a bathroom that is both relaxing activity. That is, people who shower will feel relaxed and in the end were able to add zest to live day-to-day activities. You can get some what you wanting fulfilled easily including taking a bath and more.

Bathroom Renovations & Makeovers
Bathroom Renovations & Makeovers

With a condition that is always damp, the bathroom is a room that requires attention is different from the other rooms in the house. One of them is the floor bathroom tiles. The reader must already know that ceramics on the market today are available in a variety of brands, colors, sizes, and functions. Therefore, it is important for the reader to choose the right type of tile for bathrooms because of the need for bathroom tiles is different from another room such as the kitchen or patio home. Here are tips that readers can refer to the tips for choosing tiles for the bathroom.
Basically, there are two parts of the bathroom are usually coated with ceramic. The two parts are the floors and walls of the bathroom. For bathroom tiles, ceramic types that can be used is ceramic tile with a textured surface or a rough surface. This is so that the user does not slip when the bathroom in it. Readers can ask the seller store building materials on this subject. In addition, ceramic bathroom floor can be installed with a certain slope so that water can flow smoothly into the water channel in it.

How much should a Bathroom Remodel
How much should a Bathroom Remodel

Ceramics is one of the elements that influence the comfort of a beautiful and design of a house. It’ll be right to know about how to choose the right tile of the motif, types, motifs and color, can give the impression, bright, spacious comfortable in a room. On the contrary, if we are wrong in choosing tiles, then no matter how good interior design and space patterns, it will be less attractive the room. More fatal is that eventually the room will seem cramped or dingy. In buying tiles for your floors or walls should match with the interior design, including with the floor bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Renovation Estimate

Bathroom remodeling project is necessary to add new and fresh look to your worn out bathroom. Before doing any bathroom remodeling project, you need to plan the project properly. It is especially your budget. Home owners should determine the budget for their bathroom remodeling project. You need to know how much which you can spend to remodel your bathroom. Make sure you plan the project to match available budget. The costs of bathroom remodeling project range from thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You are recommended to plan bathroom renovation estimate before starting the project. Creating the cost estimation allows you to get the view on the budget which should be spent for remodeling your bathroom.

Make Bathroom Renovation Estimate
How to Make Bathroom Renovation Estimate

In planning bathroom renovation estimate, you need to determine what you want to get from the remodeling job. You need to determine the scope of your bathroom improvement project. Whether you want to renovate the entire bathroom or perform small project, you need to make it clear. The costs for replacing fixtures and the cost for renovating the entire bathroom are completely different. After creating the planning, you need to make a list of items which will be replaced. Knowing what you need to replace and purchase helps you to estimate the cost properly.

Bathroom Renovation Estimate Resulting
Results of Bathroom Renovation Estimate

After you are done with design planning, you need to plan the timeline. When you are working with professional contractor, each day is counted for labor cost. You need to plan the timeline carefully. Home owners should allow about two days for old bathroom demolishing. After that, you need to give two days each for carpentry, plumbing, flooring, and drywall. Installing the tile is considered as the longest process. You might need three days to complete the process. Adding the elements such as cabinets, fixtures, insulation, electrical work, and drywall do not take more than a day. Include all the process in bathroom renovation estimate.

Bathroom Renovation Estimate Creating
Create Bathroom Renovation Estimate

When you are planning bathroom renovation estimate cost, you need to include the cost for unexpected thing. Theory is always different from the practice. There might be anything which you do not expect to happen but it does happen. You need to include the cost for unexpected thing. It is even better to add two or three days for extra time allowance.

Easy Bathroom Renovation Estimate
Simple Bathroom Renovation Estimate

Not only the budget, but you also need to consider what you need from your bathroom. Many tips on bathroom renovation estimate recommend you to consider how many people who are planning to use the bathroom on regular basis. For example, you are planning to renovate bathroom area for you and your spouse usage.  You might want to add the sink for you and your spouse to help grooming up faster in the morning.

Good Bathroom Renovation Estimate
Nice Bathroom Renovation Estimate

In planning bathroom renovation estimate cost, you need to write every detail on the paper. Add all details on your plan along with the plan. It is even better if you are drawing your plan on the paper. To determine the best design and budget estimation, you might want to consult with professional contractor. They will help you to plan the best bathroom renovation estimate cost.

Bathroom Renovation Estimate Tips
Bathroom Renovation Estimate Review

Minimalist Wet Room Designs for Tiny Space

Minimalist Wet Room Designs for Tiny Space

The concept of the wet room is actually very simple. You will only need to put a bath tub and the shower head along with the base, with four walls that will cover the whole thing. But this will be a problem when you need to make the wet room while you only have the limited space for them. But these tips on how to make the minimalist wet room designs for tiny space will be suitable for you to use. You will learn how to pick the things and the aspects that you will need to make the small wet room but with the complete features in them.

Minimalist Wet Room Designs for Tiny Space

Tips to Make the Minimalist Wet Room Designs for Tiny Space

  1. Maximize the usage of the left space that you have in the house. This will be very effective especially when you only have the small space left because of the limited ground that you have. But the thing is that the minimalist wet room designs for tiny space can be made even in the smallest corner of the house. You will still need to pick the tub and the shower base with the suitable size with the small wet room.
  2. If possible, use the frosted glass for the walls of the wet room, especially to give the separation to the shower base. The frosted glass will need only a thin layer of space and you can save a lot of room for the shower base. But the thing is that they will be a lot more expensive because of the high quality and the classy appearance of them.
  3. Creating the illusion of the bigger wet room can also be done by using the same color of the floors and the walls of the wet room. This is caused by the effect from the continuous color design that will give the more spacious feeling to the small wet room that you make. It can be also more beautiful if you choose the natural colors, such as yellow brick or the stone grey for the color design of the floor and the walls.
  4. Don’t forget to use the small decorations for the minimalist wet room designs for tiny space, even if you think that they will not look significant. You can put some fresh flower or hang them on the walls of the wet room to make it fresher and more comfortable. Some people also use the mini chandeliers to make the wet room looks classier, especially on the contemporary traditional houses.

Minimalist Wet Room Designs for Tiny Space

If you have the wet room even in the small space in the house, make sure to clean it in the regular interval. The wet room will be a little bit different from the bathroom, in which the wet room will be easier to get fungus and produce more bad smell from them. Therefore, the cleaning procedure will be very important for the wet room.

And the last thing is to never doubt to try anything new for the minimalist wet room designs for tiny space because you might be able to get the better thing for your small and mini wet room.

Kwal Most Popular Colors

There are so many brands of paint colors that have the great quality and they are even often recommended and used by most homeowners and one of the popular paint colors that can be used by you is Kwal and with Kwal most popular colors options, your home can be made more beautiful. Perhaps, some of you have already known some popular colors offered by Kwal but some of you may have not known yet about the Kwal paint color chart and what best colors are usually offered. However, for you who have just known it, the Kwal paint colors can be started to be chosen so your house can be decorated nicely.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Charts
Kwal Most Popular Colors Chart

The Kwal most popular colors can be seen from its color charts and the design of the color wheel will be the best solution so the color schemes for your interior and also exterior home improvements can be helped to be decided. Do not worry if the color chart concepts can be understood simply because they are easy to be understood and even the various colors divided into three parts—primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors—are usually constituted. That the primary colors are blue, red and yellow can even be seen clearly from Kwal paint color chart.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Using
Use Kwal Most Popular Colors

People call them as primary colors because they cannot be created if another color is not mixed with other colors and they are the ones that people often use so that other various colors can be produced so this is the reason why people call them as true colors. If you already know the three parts of color offered by Kwal paint color chart, the Kwal most popular colors can then be decided by you. So, after the primary, the secondary colors should be known by you like violet, orange and green.

Top Kwal Most Popular Colors
Best Kwal Most Popular Colors

After the primary and secondary colors, the tertiary colors should also be understood by you because the colors are also able to be seen on Kwal paint color chart and you can usually create the tertiary ones when one secondary color can be mixed with one primary color. Therefore, some tertiary colors can be got from the combination red-violet, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, red-orange, and blue-violet. You can also be helped by the Kwal paint color chart so Kwal most popular colors and the best ones can be chosen for your house decoration, either it is interior or exterior.

Finding Kwal Most Popular Colors
Find Kwal Most Popular Colors

Various color combinations are also defined by this paint color chart which is more suitable with other colors in their family colors and if you love color combinations, these can be used by you for decorating your home. The most perfect color combinations can be decided by you for your every room because the different sense of moods can be created by each combination. However, the right combinations and the balanced ones must be able to be selected.

Kwal Most Popular Colors Recommendations
Recommended Kwal Most Popular Colors

If you want, some color combinations that the sense of warm and inspiriting moods are given to your room are also offered by the Kwal most popular colors. Wherever the room that is going to be painted and decorated, do not forget that Kwal can always give you the best colors. Hopefully, the best and most satisfying results can be achieved by you.

Ideas for Kwal Most Popular Colors
Kwal Most Popular Colors Ideas

How to Make Over the Modern Bathroom?

Bathroom color themes – We can never deny the fact that all of us want a bathroom which is charming and relaxing. In fact there are some people who tend to spend more than an hour in the bathroom just to get a sense of comfort. We ought to have a bathroom that is well designed to provide a refreshing and comfortable feeling. To get a good decorative bathroom, many designers use various types of tiles or ceramic and you can find also some bathroom designs that use artistic skills using different decorative wall. Each design will create a different mood or atmosphere anyway base ond the color these as well.
Indeed, most of the modern bathroom decor and eclectic use of ceramic and mosaic tiles because it is the quality and the results were very good. There are a variety of different patterns that will add to the look and beauty of your bathroom. You may choose to use one color, plaid pattern, decorative tile, carpet tiles, and glass or porcelain tile or probably a combination of these patterns. Yet, these days will show the design of the different bathroom wall, which is a bathroom with a decorative wall that can definitely grab your attention when stay at the bathrooms.

Urban Contemporary Bathroom Makeover
Urban Contemporary Bathroom Makeover

Having clean and pleasant bathrooms can improve mood while going to leave to go to the bathroom where you move. To still be able to organize a beautiful bathroom, we need to consider about some thnings inclduing how to choose the consider bathroom color themes. Clear theme will help you find the need for such rooms. Determine the theme can begin by determining what color you choose for your bathroom. The stylish bathrooms, do not recommend painted with dark colors but the light colors will make the room look spacious.
Due to the room is small, sometimes the bathroom could not accommodate the goods variety.

Modern Makeover
Modern Makeover

It’s simple actually to specify the ornaments to be a focus. For example, a wall with patterned ceramic, or mirrors with pretty lights as well. Besides that the large mirrors with no frames can be placed also on the walls to give the room a more spacious effect. Another way to beautify the bathroom is with proper lighting that will give good effects when we set it. You can choose the lights that are not too bright, but not dim. It’ll be impressed natural lighting will create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Modern Small
Modern Small

The bathroom will be filled with dirty clothes towels too. Prepare a place to store all these things. Neat bathroom will make the bathroom look more beautiful. It’ll be right to buy a beautiful container which has the right theme of the bathroom. Beautiful container is also able to serve for decorating the bathroom is seems modern. If the room has been arranged, even lighting is right, and then it could not hurt to add a fresh scent in the bathroom. Besides able to give a calming effect, also it’s able to enhance the fragrance your bathroom. Be considering to makeover your bathroom as you suitable with personality and enjoy to see with the right bathroom color themes.

Small Bathroom with Bath and Shower Ideas

It is possible to design a small bathroom with bath and shower. Some home owners find it difficult when they want to install a shower in their small bathroom. If you face the same issue, there is no need to worry, there are some stylish shower choices which will enhance the look of your small bathroom. Some owners think that the choices are limited when it comes to finding a bathroom shower. However, using a little bit of creativity, your imagination and some careful and detailed planning, you can transform your small bathroom into a beautiful one.

Shower in the Bathroom
Shower in the Bathroom


Small Bathroom with Bath and Shower Tips and Tricks


In fact, it is possible to have everything which fits perfectly in your small bathroom including a small bathroom shower.  For those who have a bathroom with the right shape, the best idea is to install a small shower in an alcove. It is not really difficult but the result is quite impressive. You can make your bathroom look more stylish by doing this. Since our bathroom is one of the most important parts in our home, it might be better to invest your time designing your bathroom.


Small Bathroom Remodelling
Small Bathroom Remodelling

As mentioned earlier, there are many bathroom shower choices you can consider even if you have a small bathroom. The most popular bathroom shower installation is a shower or tub combination. When you want to remodel your bathroom, the other important thing to consider is to decide whether you want to go with a prefabricated shower or a custom designed one. The following are some major aspects you need to know when deciding which bathroom shower you want to install.


  • A custom designed bathroom shower costs more money compared with a pre-fabricated bathroom shower
  • When it comes to installing a small bathroom shower, you can also hire a company that offers one day installation. This can be very beneficial as you can save a lot of time dealing with the installation procedure.
  • Some home owners are also concerned with the amount of water they use daily. If you wish to use water as little as possible, a low flow showerhead is your solution. The other extreme option is to consider installing a separate solar powered heater.


Small Bathroom Ideas
Small Bathroom Ideas

A pre-fabricated bathroom shower is quite popular since it costs less money compared with the a custom designed one. This one has gone a long way and has been used by many home owners who prefer simplicity over design. However, if you think that you need more than just a basic bathroom shower for your small bathroom, a custom designed is your choice. In order to enhance the appearance of your small bathroom, several items can be added such as glass enclosures, plate glass shower doors and glass block enclosures. Do you need more luxury items? You can transform your bathroom into a more luxury bathroom by adding multiple massaging jets, multiple showerheads and in shower TVs. Using these small bathroom with bath and shower ideas, you can have a very comfortable bathroom. 

Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

There are many paint colors which you can choose for your home area. One of the most popular options among many home owners is burgundy color. Your home can look more elegant by using burgundy color in walls. Painting your wall with burgundy will make bold statement. If you are applying burgundy color on your wall, your walls will influence your choice in furnishings, accessories, and window treatments. Burgundy will be good contrast to boring neutral walls or earth tones used throughout a house. You can have the option to paint the drywall or plaster in burgundy color. However, it is more recommended for you to install burgundy wallpaper which is heavily textured or embossed with attractive design. Read home interior books and magazines to get decoration ideas with burgundy walls.

Top Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Best Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

In finding the best decoration ideas with burgundy walls, you should consider using sharp contrasting color. Many tips on home decoration recommend you to create the right color contrast for burgundy walls. You might apply stark white for crown molding or baseboards in the room. Burgundy walls combined with white window frames, white blinds, and white flooring is one of the most popular designs chosen by many home owners. You might want to try other color combinations. To try the color, you can simply draw your room with colored pencils. Other combinations which are popular among home owners are including burgundy walls with cream or light yellow trim.

Favorite Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Popular Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

Tips on decoration ideas with burgundy walls also recommend you to design the window décor. After finding the right combination for your walls, you are recommended to find the best window treatments. You might want to install parchment-colored drapes with the touches of burgundy in a bedroom. As another option, you can use gold silk drapes. You need to design the walls, trim, and window treatments before moving to plan the furniture and accessories in any room. You also need to determine whether you want to paint only one or two walls burgundy and other walls by using lighter color like gold after considering your window treatments.

Neat Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Cool Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

The next step in determining decoration ideas with burgundy walls is installing upscale furnishings. You should use high quality furniture in the room. A good combination in your room can be achieved by painting the dining table with dark brown color. If you still do not get any furniture for your room, you can purchase furniture which has dark cherry finish. Burgundy brings elegant touch to your room. Due to this reason, you are recommended to get high quality furniture. You should avoid using cheap pine or laminated materials for your burgundy room. Mahogany wood and good mahogany stain on unfinished wood is more preferable.

Good Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Nice Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

When you are determining decoration ideas with burgundy walls, you are recommended to plan a good color scheme. You need to create the accent colors which refine the overall look. Some home owners plan to paint burgundy color on one wall area before using lighter lime green paint on other three walls.

Amazing Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls
Perfect Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

For your burgundy living room, you might use gold throw pillows on cream colored sofa. You are able to create masculine touch with burgundy color. For bedroom area, you can use rich brown colored bedspread and taupe upholstered chairs if you are using burgundy color. Add red throw pillows for accent color on the bed and chairs. Find decoration ideas with burgundy walls which match with your need and preference.

Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls Recommending
Recommended Decoration Ideas with Burgundy Walls

The Alternatives for the Basic Bathroom Counter


You may look at your bathroom now and find the unattractive basic bathroom counter that also make you look have no intention to make them better. You can actually make the whole condition of the bathroom to be better with the various bathroom counters that you can choose for your bathroom. But if you don’t know what kind of counter that you should install at your bathroom, this brief article will kindly give you some advices along with the benefit that you get from each one of them.

The Types for the Alternatives of Basic Bathroom Counter

The first type of this thing that might be perfect for you is the steel made bathroom counter. This can be the alternative for the basic bathroom counter is you want the more modern look of the bathroom. The benefit of using this kind of bathroom counter is the sleeker and cleaner look for your bathroom. The other thing that will make you glad is that this kind of counter will be a lot cheaper than the other ones. But the bad thing is that they are very easy to be stained because of the contact from the water. The trick that you can do to resolve this is to clean them regularly to keep them beautiful and free from stains.

How to Install a Bathroom Countertop and Undermount Sinks : How

The other kind of counter that can be used as the alternative of the basic bathroom counter is the wood bathroom counter. Unlike the steel, you will get the rural feeling if you use this kind of bathroom counter. The benefit is that they are easier to install because they will be able to be placed with the help of small and simple screws. But the bad thing is that they will be easily broken from the water and also from the fungus that can grow on them. You can resolve this by applying the good layer of the polyurethane. This will also make them shinier and sleeker.

Meanwhile, the granite bathroom counter will make the bathroom to look classier especially if you complete them with the right kind of lighting. But the minus part is that they will require a lot more complex process to put them in the bathroom that you will need the help from the experts. Also, they have a high price that will likely to drain your budget. Only use this kind of thing if you think that you have sufficient budget for decorating your own bathroom.

Many people nowadays also use the glass made counter as the alternative for the basic bathroom counter. The great thing about this kind of thing is that they will give the definite modern look for the bathroom. Also, the shiny glass will affect the bathroom to always look clean and also wider that the normal and the actual size. This kind of counter is not only expensive, but they are kind of dangerous for the kids’ bathroom as they are easier to be broken. But in the adult bathroom, it will look very good especially if you have the glass shower doors that will fit perfectly with the counter.