How to Clean Upholstered Fabric

How To Clean Upholstered Furniture

Cleaning furniture in our house is actually not a difficult task to accomplish. In mostly cases you will only need a duster or vacuum cleaner to make all furniture in your house clean and shiny. However, some said that cleaning upholstered furniture is a totally different story. How to clean upholstered furniture then? In this passage, we will together learn several easy ways to clean upholstered furniture that will be very simple to do on our own.


The Required Items

How to Deodorize Upholstered Furniture
How to Deodorize Upholstered Furniture

In order to clean upholstered furniture, you cannot simply use duster or damp cloth but you need to get a vacuum cleaner that is specially made for cleaning upholstered furniture. You can easily find this type of vacuum cleaner in electronic stores. Do not forget to ask the shop attendance to show you the vacuum cleaners with this kind of purpose. Another item you need to also prepare is laundry soap or upholstery cleaner soap, preferably the liquid one. you need to also prepare cotton cloth and hairdryer for this cleaning job.


First Step: Removing Cushions

How to Clean Upholstery Chairs
How to Clean Upholstery Chairs

The first step on how to clean upholstered furniture you need to do is to remove the furniture’s cushions if it is possible for you to do so. After you have completely removed the cushions from the furniture then you can start cleaning them. You can use the stand vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner to clean all crevices of your furniture. Afterwards, you can continue vacuuming the back, top arms and legs of your furniture. Do not forget to also clean the cushions you have removed earlier using the vacuum as well.


Second Step: Spraying Upholstery Soap

The next step you need to do after vacuuming the furniture is to spray the liquid upholstery cleaner to your furniture, on the inconspicuous areas of your furniture to be exact. You can spray the liquid cleaner onto the underside of your cushion or the back side near the floors then let the soap absorbed for about two minutes. Do not let the soap linger too long because it can possibly make the color of your cushion run. If the color happened to run with the previous mixture of liquid soap then you need to decrease the composition of the soap then mix it with warm water.


Third Step: Wiping the Upholstered Furniture

how to clean upholstered furniture
how to clean upholstered furniture

After you made sure that the soap has cleaned the dirt thoroughly then you need to wipe the excess soap and water using the cotton cloth. Remember to clean it completely and thoroughly and make sure that there are no excess left. Rub the furniture in circular motion to make sure that the excess water will not get absorbed by the cushion.


Last Step: Drying the Upholstered Furniture

The last step on how to clean upholstered furniture you should do is to make sure that the furniture and their cushions are completely dry. You can use hairdryer or fan to help you get the upholstered furniture dry. Do not put the cushions back on before the furniture are completely dry to prevent unpleasant smell.


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