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Large Oversized Wall Clocks

If you have wide and free wall in your house and have not had any ideas of what decoration you should add then you can consider large oversized wall clocks ideas you can find out there. In this modern era, traditional wall clock or grandpa wall clock is no longer an exciting idea of wall decorating anymore. One of the icons of modern wall decor in this modernity is an oversized or huge wall clock. This type of wall clock is very strong to be the centerpiece of a room you want to emphasize. You can take a look at several ideas of huge wall clocks we have prepared this time.


6699 Velone by Santa Monica

Extra Large Wall Clocks

Extra Large Wall Clocks

This large wall clock is originally introduced by Santa Monica and designed by Grace Feyock. By combining a wall clock with several frames of hanging photo collage, the design of this wall clock has successfully captured the customers’ hearts. Even though the original idea was brought out by Santa Monica but these days the distribution of this wall clock is handled by the Uttmost, that is not only famous in providing clock but also wall mirror, wall decals and many other wall accessories as well. The size of this wall clock is definitely huge, for about thirty inches height and sixty inches width. Therefore, you need to prepare a very wide space for this wall clock. This wall clock is made from hand hammered and forged metal that made it looks elegant and sturdy. In addition, the metal is also glazed with light gray and gold color that enhances the elegance of the wall clock.


Black Kitchen Wall Clock by Fitzgerald Studio

Oversized Black Wall Clock

Oversized Black Wall Clock

This idea of large oversized wall clocks is introduced by Fitzgerald Studio that is based in San Fransisco. The idea of this oversized wall clock is actually pretty simple. It only contains the clock needles and a free black painted wall, nothing else. Fitzgerald Studio originally designed this huge wall clock for kitchen, especially for those who have uniform color for all the equipments and furniture in the kitchen. as what the example they gave from their previous project, the black kitchen wall clock is installed in an all-white kitchen so it will look stunning as the centerpiece of the kitchen. However, even though it is originally designed for kitchen but it does not mean you cannot install it in any other rooms. You can also order it for your bedroom or living room.


Paradigm Wall Clock by Amazon

Large oversize clock

Large oversize clock

This paradigm wall clock is another recommendation of large oversized wall clocks you can find in Amazon. This home decor wall clock is categorized as art wall clock that has unusual or unique design. Claimed as an art piece for your modern space at home, paradigm wall clock will give you an elegant and energizing mood. This huge wall clock is made from aluminum metal with silver, gold and metallic red color that resembles sunny sculpture. If you have natural colored wall, especially white colored, then it will definitely be a great addition.

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