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Modern Prefab Cabins

If there are people busy buying modern prefabricated house for their retired days, some people on the other hand prefer modern prefab cabins or vacation or recreation purpose. Prefabricated cabin is actually no much different with a full prefabricated house, the concept is similar. The main different is the house equity and purpose. A full prefab house is usually constructed by several pieces of cabin sections. On the other side, prefab modern cabin is usually only consisted of one or two cabin sections. In this post you will find several types of prefab cabins that have been very popular in this modern era.


Cowboy Cabin

modern prefab cabins
modern prefab cabins

The first idea of prefabricated cabin that has been favored by a lot of people these days is the famous cowboy cabin. Do not get the idea wrong, the meaning of cowboy cabin is not a cabin that is usually used in a ranch or something. It is called cowboy cabin because it is usually used by working men for hanging out with their business colleagues in spare time. Usually, even though the title is hanging out time but actually the purpose is more like business purpose. With the calm and refreshing atmosphere that is usually brought by cowboy cabin, it is highly hoped that their business colleagues will eel more relax and open up in discussing their business.


Trapper Cabin

Modern Prefab Cabin Kits
Modern Prefab Cabin Kits

Trapper cabin is also another type of modern prefab cabins you can find out there. Typically, the size of a trapper cabinet is around seven hundred square foot. Generally, the trapper cabin will consist of a perfect and spacious bedroom pavilion. If you happen to have a site in a mountain, it will be a perfect  If you want to catch up with a lot of things with your family or friends then this trapper style cabin will be the best option you can surely try. This single cabin will cost you safely compared to building a full villa, so you do not need to worry much.


Pioneer Cabin

Pioneer cabin is probably the most popular getaway cabin that is perfect for mountain house project. You do not have to build a traditional villa in your mountain site, just this pioneer cabin is perfectly enough. This cabin type is definitely a lot bigger than the previous prefab cabins you have read earlier. In the typical one thousand and seven hundred square foot, you can get two floored cabin with two bedrooms, two patios areas, and also living room as well. Definitely, you can spend your summer holidays in this cabin getaway with your family.


Voyageur Cabin

Modern Cabin
Modern Cabin

Another type of modern prefab cabins you can also try is voyageur cabin. This cabin is perfect for those who love water activities a lot and have a free site on a beach, shore or lake. Aside from being a place for getaway purpose, the main use of this cabin is to portage your canoe or boat. With one thousand square foot width, you can have 3 bedrooms with durable floors, walls and ceiling that have been certified.



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