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Dispose Fallen Leaves

Autumn is undeniably a great season that promises a beautiful sight as well. If we got the beautiful and colorful scenery from the spring season before, in autumn we will be greeted by orange and yellowish scenery instead. However, even though autumn also bring coziness and beauty sight to us but the fallen leaves are definitely a complete different story. This occurrence often annoys a lot of people and makes them dislike autumn season in a way. There are several people who have been complaining of lower back pain because of this dispose fallen leaves duty. Hence, under this concern we want to give useful tips and information of proper leaves raking so you can get clean and tidy yard.


We all know that trees and many other types of plantations will definitely give us healthy and fresh air to breathe in, especially when the spring season comes. In spring, the plantations will reach its peak in growing up so you will get a beautiful sight of greenery with colorful flower blossoms as well. a deciduous and shady tree in your back yard can be a heart whelming sight and fresh addition to your house. However, this will turn into a complete opposite when autumn season strikes. The fallen leaves of the big tree can possibly give you a knee deep pool of fallen dead leaves.


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How to Properly Dispose of Leaves

When the condition turns like this in autumn then you need to immediately dispose fallen leaves as many times as possible so you will not end up with a pool of dead leaves. As it has already been mentioned previously, this autumn duty can possibly cause you lower back pain that is definitely pretty disturbing. Hence, you need a proper way of fallen leaves raking that is less stressful and also much easier to do.


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A little child plays with a squirrel

First of all, before doing the main action of dead leaves raking you definitely need to plan a strategy first. What does it mean? It means that you need to determine whether you want to do the duty everyday, every week or every two weeks, etc. it is suggested that you dispose the dead leaves everyday so the job will be easier. If you decided to clean it everyday then you better purchase the required tools and equipments for daily use. You will need a lawn mower, rake, garden trash bags and also other additional equipments as well.


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Mulching tree leaves

The second tip you need to also consider in raking dead leaves is to wear a pair of comfortable footwear. Since the yard will definitely covered by the fallen dead leaves then it will be quite hard for you to see the surface. Hence, you need to wear a pair of shoes that can secure you from injury while disposing the fallen leaves.


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Tools for Raking and Disposing of Falling Autumn Leaves

Aside from the previous considerations, you need to also be aware of the lower back pain issue that usually accompanies the dispose fallen leaves projects. The commonest mistake that usually causes this occurrence is actually the lack of attention people gave their own bodies. They are usually only concerned on the main goal of getting rid of the fallen leaves only. Therefore, it will be better to do some warming up or stretching before doing the chores so you can avoid the lower back pain.

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