Front Door Design

Tips for Adding Color to Your Home Exterior

It’s a well-documented fact that colors can influence mood as well as enhance the visual appearance of something. Adding color to the exterior of your home can make it look inviting, fresh and attractive. There are lots of ways you can add color to a home, so read the following tips for inspiration and get started today.

Front Door Design
Front Door Design

 Your front door

Your front door is one of the most viewed aspects of the front of your home and it really will help to form that all-important first impression. So make sure it shows your abode off to its best by giving it a splash of color. Stick to colors that blend in well with the rest of your home’s exterior and maintain it regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.

Walls and trims

Painting the walls and trims of the outside of your home can brighten it up, but choose your colors with caution. It’s important that it fits in with the rest of your home and the other houses on your road. You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, so go for subtle rather than bold and daring and work to enhance the colors of other features of your home.

Garages and gates

Don’t forget that your garage door and the outside gates or fence all add to the visual appeal of your home, so when undertaking an exterior upgrade, make sure to include these aspects as well. Try to stick to the same color scheme throughout.

Flowers and Plants for the home
Flowers and Plants for the home

Flowers and plants

Incorporating colorful flowers and plants around the outside of your home gives an impression of being well-cared for and can boost its attractiveness. Consider adding hanging baskets to the walls, or colorful window boxes. Why not add some bright annuals or perennials to planter pots and place either side of your door?  For a really spectacular effect, plant a climber such as a rose, wisteria, clematis or honeysuckle against the exterior wall. Make sure to take care of any plant though. Neglected flowers are much less attractive than none at all.

Window Frames
Window Frames

Window frames

Neglected window frames can soon give your house a shabby feel, so make sure yours aren’t letting you down. Keep them clean and sparkling so they look vibrant, or give them a coat of paint so they look brand new again.


If you want to create a distinctive touch to your home, then consider adding some shutters to the exterior windows. They will look especially grand on traditional homes or those with a cottage feel. Paint them in vibrant colors in keeping with the rest of the house.

Small touches

Boosting the colour of the exterior of your home doesn’t need to be hard work or cost a bomb. You could incorporate small accent touches, such as adding rustic-colored lamps to the wall, a colorful door-knocker, metal wall art, a striking house number plate, a bold door mat or other ornamental features. Small, homemade decorative items add a homely and personal touch.
Unique inspiration

When you’re making any changes to your home, it’s always nice to try to do something a bit different. Unique ideas are eye-catching and draw attention, so seek inspiration from magazines, garden stores or online. If you’ve exhausted all of your potential options for adding colour to the outside of your home, then think of something different, such as perching a colorful bench against the outside of the wall so you can sit and enjoy your surroundings. Add a letterbox and paint it a vibrant colour. Whatever you choose, go for something that fits in with the style of your house and suits your own personality.

Philippa loves to think of new ways to improve her home in her spare time. She particularly likes to get creative and re-purpose old items to create unique pieces for the home. She works with companies like Ashbrook Roofing to share her advice and ideas.

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