Using the Minimalist Style Design for the House


The era for the minimalist design could be this age in time. This is caused by the fact that there are many people who prefer to use the minimalist style design for their house. Not only that it is very modern and looks edgy for their home, but it also makes the space that is used to make the house more effective. And the space using could be best feature from this style design as the land for the home building is very expensive and not so easy to get anymore. So, when you are thinking about changing the design for your house, this kind of style design can be your main choice.

Using the Minimalist Style Design for the House

The Tips for the Minimalist Style Design

The main thing that you need to pay attention to is the coloring that you do for the minimalist house. It will be better if you use the plain color, such as the white of beige. But if you are more creative with the colors that you want to use, you can also choose the more aggressive and bright colors that you like. But make sure that you still keep it simple and avoid using the motif and decoration on the coloring, especially for the main walls in the living room. The over decorated wall will make your room looks stuffed and uncomfortable.

For the lighting, you will need to see the whole condition of the house before deciding the lighting in the minimalist style design house. Some of the house will be perfect with only using the small amount of lighting to create the laminate effect on the room. Meanwhile, some houses will be good with the natural light that is used as much as possible. Choose the system for the lighting based on your preference and the situation around the house.

The modern house with the minimalist style design usually is perfect with the small and cute furniture in the rooms. This will not only suitable for the coloring of the house, but it will make the illusion effect for the room to look wider that it actually is. You can also make it better by choosing to use the small squared windows for the rooms and light-colored doors to match with the coloring.

Using the Minimalist Style Design for the House

One other simple trick that people use is to put the large mirror on one side of the wall in the room, especially in the bedroom. The reflection of the room on the mirror will create the bigger effect of the room for the people. The mirror will also give the clean look on the room that you can easily get with this trick. But never choose to use the full size mirror on the wall. Instead, it will be better to use the mirror that has half of the size of the walls.

And the last thing for the tips of minimalist style design is to use the plain colored carpet on the floors. You can also use the other kind of flooring but make sure that they have the simple color to match with the other minimalist design of the house.

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