The Alternatives for the Basic Bathroom Counter


You may look at your bathroom now and find the unattractive basic bathroom counter that also make you look have no intention to make them better. You can actually make the whole condition of the bathroom to be better with the various bathroom counters that you can choose for your bathroom. But if you don’t know what kind of counter that you should install at your bathroom, this brief article will kindly give you some advices along with the benefit that you get from each one of them.

The Types for the Alternatives of Basic Bathroom Counter

The first type of this thing that might be perfect for you is the steel made bathroom counter. This can be the alternative for the basic bathroom counter is you want the more modern look of the bathroom. The benefit of using this kind of bathroom counter is the sleeker and cleaner look for your bathroom. The other thing that will make you glad is that this kind of counter will be a lot cheaper than the other ones. But the bad thing is that they are very easy to be stained because of the contact from the water. The trick that you can do to resolve this is to clean them regularly to keep them beautiful and free from stains.

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The other kind of counter that can be used as the alternative of the basic bathroom counter is the wood bathroom counter. Unlike the steel, you will get the rural feeling if you use this kind of bathroom counter. The benefit is that they are easier to install because they will be able to be placed with the help of small and simple screws. But the bad thing is that they will be easily broken from the water and also from the fungus that can grow on them. You can resolve this by applying the good layer of the polyurethane. This will also make them shinier and sleeker.

Meanwhile, the granite bathroom counter will make the bathroom to look classier especially if you complete them with the right kind of lighting. But the minus part is that they will require a lot more complex process to put them in the bathroom that you will need the help from the experts. Also, they have a high price that will likely to drain your budget. Only use this kind of thing if you think that you have sufficient budget for decorating your own bathroom.

Many people nowadays also use the glass made counter as the alternative for the basic bathroom counter. The great thing about this kind of thing is that they will give the definite modern look for the bathroom. Also, the shiny glass will affect the bathroom to always look clean and also wider that the normal and the actual size. This kind of counter is not only expensive, but they are kind of dangerous for the kids’ bathroom as they are easier to be broken. But in the adult bathroom, it will look very good especially if you have the glass shower doors that will fit perfectly with the counter.


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